Give It To Me Baby - Rick James (Live Blayr Cover)

in #dsound4 years ago

I am so honored to play with these incredible musicians, they are so damn funky.
The polar ice caps are melting because the music they make is so fire.
Global warming is because of THEIR hot sawce.
THE FUNK. THE FIRE. It's all one.

Lead Vox - Alex Blair (@blayr)
Keys - Alex Kishiyama
Drums - Luke Callaway (@lukecallaway)
Guitar - Jacob Hammonds (@yungsting)
Sax - Jemarcus Bridges
Bass - Robert Trusko (@truskomusic)
Aux Percussion - Indy Thapar (@infamousit)
Background Vox - Austin Lynes (@avesa)

Watch the video here!...!/v/avesa/j7zky9d1

Vote @prc for witness!! Support decentralized music!!

YOU are a BOSS. YOU are a cool breeze in the summer. Have an absolutely spectacular day you 8 dimensional diamond-of-a-person.
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