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One of my favorite tracks from our collaboration album, "the Bipolar Chronicles: Chapter i". This one is quite a Journey. Takes all sorts of twists and turns! Definitely bipolar :)

Made by myself, @infamousit, @drfunk13, and Mike.
Together our project is "Meridian"

"the Bipolar Chronicles: Chapter ii", coming soon!! So stoked for it! Been a long time in the making, it is just about ready to be unleashed upon ze world :)

Shoutout to @dsound for being such badasses! <3
Lovin the updates to the tags! What an awesome improvement.

► Listen on DSound
► Listen from source (IPFS)

awww mann.. you done got a new fan!! this is COLD!!!!!!!!!!!!

AYE. Thanks bro! You too. You're track today is FIRE!!!!!!!


RESPECT!!!!! I'm on ya website now.. yall got some dope shit going on! TEXAS right? yall getting busy at SXSW?? i may just have to make that move!!

thank you! yessir. you should! such a badass festival. The last 3 or 4 years we've brought our mobile music cart and hosted live improvised jam sessions around town

Omg WTF.. I need parts.. Whats your name on discord?

same name! avesa :) hmu

This switch up tho! sounds like im hang gliding with Angels .. great work from all of you!

Yezzz, ze force is quite strong with ACR :) Thank you so much!

Wow this is quite amazing, very hypnotic - I even had to pause work on my own post to sit back and enjoy it! Is there no end to your musical talent?

You flatter me sir!! YOU are a compliment GOD.
Thanks god.

well, you know i am going to love the more melodic pieces, the other sounds stuff is extraodrinary. Like those guitars!

'Preciate it! Thank you :)

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