my silent scream

in dsound •  3 months ago

This song is an original collaboration between 3 steemians. The words to this song were written by @diebitch, all of the music and vocals were composed and recorded by myself except for the lead guitar. The lead guitar part was performed by @veckinon. I did all of my recording for this song using the digital recording program Audacity, a free open source program available on the internet. The audio interface that I used is a Focusrite Scarlett Solo. This interface works very well and has no noticeable latency. For the distortion on the rhythm guitar, I recorded my guitar through an old Proco Rat pedal. I used the Addictive Drums VST for the drum track, and recorded everything else to that drum track. I recorded the song in 6/8s time signature.

I decided to try using Dsound for posting my music to the steem blockchain as a way to show support for the steem blockchain and to show support to the Dsound application. I believe that it is these applications that help give the steem blockchain it's value.

This is a bit of a dark song, perhaps that's why I liked putting it together.
Hopefully you'll enjoy listening to this song as much as I enjoyed recording it.

► Listen on DSound

► Listen from source (IPFS)

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Hey Amberyooper :D that's really amazing, great job you guys did! you mixed it like old times, left panned drums and guitars panned for the balance, really great, and a great performance on vocals

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