The existence of a creator. ¿ what is your opinion ?

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¿ God really exist?

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Talking a surgeon with an astronaut
The astronaut says:

i have traveled many times to space and not have seen God and there no more clearer proof that does not exist -said the astronaut -

I have operated the brains of the most important people on the planet earth from politicians to scientists and mathematicians, and never i seen an thinking, ¿ this is proof that thoughts do not exist? -said the surgeon -

Since the beginning of the formation of the human race, man has always had the need to believe in a being, in a force to whom we owe life and everything around us, someone able to control everything that exists and who has power enough to do what he wants "A Creator"

god sun

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the story mentions many gods that were worshiped, including the nature or things they occurred and apparently had no explanation, mostly cultures ancient worshiped the sun, in Egypt they worshiped the sun for many centuries believing of that sun proceed to power of gods like Horus, Ra, Wadjet, Sekhmet, Hathor, Nut, Isis, Bat and Menhit. thus creating a polytheism.

also us talks of gods in the past that descend down to the earth and had relationships with women mortal, creating a kind of demigods protecting the Earth and were considered in many cases as Kings or heroes, but there was also gods as Baal which demanded as sacrifice, spend the children by the fire. history is full of different cults gods

¿ really there God?

This question is the have made millions of people around the world in search of the answer to this question have been derived different doctrines or deities on the representation of a God, some persons to don't find physical tests or materials decide not believe in God and think that we come of the evolution.

God's existence is torn between two opinions which go to the extreme, some deny the existence of a creator roundly, others if they believe in the existence of a Creator and that all religions lead to the same God.

My opinion

there is only a God who has always existed and never will no longer exist, is the only has prevailed and its existence is evident, in the Bible we can find out how is also know what is your personality, in the Bible is explains many things that we don't know things really interesting

and I say that all religions not lead to God

¿what is your opinion ?

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yo no soy creyente de ninguna religion, pero lo que creo es que dios no es un ser de carne y hueso, si no mas bien, algo para tener fe y nunca perder la esperanza.

No es de cafne y hueso, pero posee cualidades y sentimientos al igual que nosotros

I just let you speculate about creator if you first prove to me that there was a creation

do not you realize?
Imagine that you 'are walking along the beach, you find Suddenly a cell phone last generation would would. ¿ you say they phone was created from the earth and the waves?

I can only conclude whether something is designed if I compare it with something that was not. The concept of something designed is not absolute but relative to what occurs naturally. Even a simple footprint on the beach I would know that is artificial because the chance of it occuring naturally is very small

wake up in the morning and find a sun at the exact distance to the ground, observe with your own eyes that process millions of colors at the same time, then you go to the beach and find lots of collected water in one place, of geo-gravitation laws to orbit the core of the earth

You say not creator?

Sorry my english is bad

In nature nothing is created, nothing is lost, everything is transformed. To prove that things were created you would have to prove that once nothingness existed.

Humans can't comprehend the scale of the universe nor can't fully understand the smallest part of it at quantum level, we have this we are it that is all there is, if there was aliens we would of seen them by now, this may or may not be truth, simply put the search for alians via seti is only looking at very very small part of the the universe and what is it looking for radio wave, now how long did we broadcast in radio wave 30-40 years before we moved to digital so in effect the seti project is looking for pin prick on something the size of the earth using binoculars, now take human evolution of about 10.000 years that is absolute nothing in the terms of the age of the universe, we are likely going to be the makers of our extinction like many other creatures we share the planet with its only in the last 300 hundred years we have worked out space gravity physics all this to learning pufff gone in less than a hundred years, Now look at the stars for the many many many millions of them it is possible that life did come and go for many natural reasons burned up at the suns turn from one phase to another yet in parts of the galaxy new suns are still forming and carry on forming long after we have gone till the universe has no energy left, it is this reality that humans look for some meaning to life, the more we roll back time the religions will carry on claiming it was one god or another who set the spark, the bible if you believe it for many they will carry on thinking the world was created in seven days for others they will sy it was gods hand in the big bang, is it not odd with all this history we have gods that worry about masterbation or wanting angelic choirs singing praise 24/7,

If you want to worry about anything worry about how we let the poor die the old rot the young to have no water, and do something that makes a change, praying for somebody else to show the way while sat on a cloud is not the answeer and if i was a god I would be pretty pissed off with the 24/7 choir

Isaiah 40:22 ^
It is he who is seated over the circle of the earth, and the people in it are as small as locusts; by him the heavens are stretched out like an arch, and made ready like a tent for a living-place.

This text was written thousands of years ago

who told the writer that the earth is a circle?

who told him that the universe folds and unfolds like a curtain?

Teory of einstein
Job 26:8 ^
By him the waters are shut up in his thick clouds, and the cloud does not give way under them.

who told him that darkness is the absence of light?

Psalm 139:16
Your eyes saw my unformed substance; in your book all my days were recorded, even those which were purposed before they had come into being.

¿ because refers to DNA as a book where our parts are written?

¿who taught this to the ancient writers?

Yes, the Universe has been around for about 13 billion years, the earth for about 4.5 billion, humans for 10 to 20 thousand... we are drops in an ocean. But to say all that expanse and we are tiny proves there is no God assumes

  1. That God experiences Time the way we do, which I find impossible
  2. That we humans are the only thing He has ever wanted to create
  3. Just because we haven't found other life there can't be any out there. We've only been looking for a few decades at best. And remember, anything we find will have been transmitted thousands or millions of years ago. They would be too far away to have found.

I love the astronaut/surgeon quote you started with! (Lo siento, mi Español es poquito y malo. Necesito hablar en ingles.)

I think people who look into the Universe hoping to disprove or prove God by that alone will be disappointed. How can they know they have found Him when they don't know what He looks like? An athiest looks at the expanse of stars in the sky and sees emptiness; I look up and see the Soul of God.

You might be interested in some blogs I posted, which go into more detail about what I believe about God and the Universe:

Problem is of assumption I have not stated what I do believe or do not believe, but which God are you on about, the bible was written by man not God 400. Hundred years after .
You also seem to have forgot Paul or Saul was a person who felt he had to put more into the story as well as the later period in Constantinople, and what happen to Mary did she accent to heaven or did she live her last days in Turkey we also have his brothers accounts, the meaning of messiah in Jewish history is different then our understanding, there are religions much older that also see life that would correspond to today's science, you could possibly also make the I Ching read whatever you wanted it to read and that's a much older book then the bible.

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