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Since moving into my new Apartment 2 years ago. Every winter my skin is extremely dry and Flaky. I have been using Ponds facial cream and a combination of coconut oil and almond oil to moisturize my dry irritated skin. In addition to all the skin oils and creams I also ordered a humidifier. After taking all these measures to rectify my dry flaky irritated skin, I was still disappointed and left with dry skin. The worst part was when I would go and apply makeup. It looked horrible. I was almost about to give up and then I was saw an ad for Clinique Moisture Surge. This was a game changer. Out went the oils, out when all the other creams. This product is Holy Grail for me during the winter. My skin went from dry flaky red and irratated to smooth soft supple and finally moisturized. Sephora offered Clinique Moisture Surge extended thirst relief gel in full size with a Moisture Surge overnight mask and a Clinique All About Eyes cream. Out of all three products the one that is most effective and I would recommend for anyone with dry flaky skin to buy is the Moisture Surge overnight mask. It does a 360 degree turn on your dry flaky skin. The Clinique Moisture Surge extended thirst relief gel is very good during the daytime and also right before your makeup as a extra precaution for dry skin and eye cream is also very nice. As with most eye creams I get impatient and I honestly don't see the results too fast. However for this one I did notice that within a week my eyes were a little less puffy and the under-eye area just seemed more Supple and fresh. So if you are looking for something that will solve your dry skin problems I will highly highly highly recommend the Clinique Moisture Surge overnight mask. However all three work great together in keeping your skin looking fresh and hydrated and ready for makeup application. So if you're suffering from dry skin just head over to your nearest Clinique counter or Sephora and grab yourself Clinique Moisture Surge line it is amazing!!!!!

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