The Introduction to My First Book - THE NEW DRUID ARMY

in druid •  8 months ago

I have been working on my book, FINALLY!

Here are the introductory paragraphs...

I cannot be a politician because I believe too much in the truth that the Common People are the real leaders in this world. Thus, decentralized leadership is the first tenet of a New Economy.

I cannot be a business man because I believe all natural resources belong to the People directly and should not be effectively taxed by so-called 'producers of goods'. For Mother Nature is the real producer and she charges nothing. Nada!

So I am an Ecological Priest of Social Entrepreneurship instead striving to consecrate a Druid Army for the sake of our forests and every creature that lives upon Gaia's lap.

Keep in touch if you like this!!

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Very interesting I can't wait for the next part!


Thank you dear sir.

How do I get to become one of your Druid soldiers?


Druids of the modern-day must learn forest farming and native culture. Without partnering with the original caretakers of the land (indigenous people) it may be difficult for average eco-enthusiasts to know the fervor required to champion Natural Law.


Not that you are in any way average, sublime teacher that you are.

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