Suggestions to Improve Drug Wars Battling System

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Right now the game is lacking some very much needed battle mechanics that would improve it. There is a long way to go to make Drug Wars awesome, but here are some points to get there faster.

Safe Houses

There should be an option to hide your units in safe houses like you can hide your resources, right now it is crazy to invest in units because very quickly they will all be wiped out, there should be a mechanic to hide your units from attacks. In my example it took me two weeks to get to 4k attack and 3k defense, I woke up and everything was wiped out while I was sleeping.


That is a very dumb game mechanic that needs to change asap. Players should be able to build up their units safely and make that sweet sweet revenge when they wish to (@kevinli be ready). Specially because units cost real life money and there are no mechanics to protect them in any way.

Level Up Rewards

Leveling up your account is the second thing that should give rewards to players in line with raids, rewards like attack or defense boosts, extra resources or resource production boosts that can last for a day, free building upgrade or reduced cost for building upgrades. You know, reward players with something juicy that will urge them to continuously level up.

Shield Removal

Make it impossible to send your army to attack your alt accounts or to ask a friend to send one unit to activate the shield. I know this one will be tough to implement, but the battle system can be exploited so easily this way. One solution is to scrap the protection shield and implement safe houses for units like I mentioned before, of course safe houses should cost large amount of resources. Players should be able to pick an active defense or store their units in safe houses where they can get high from their own supply.

All these changes shouldn't be hard to implement but in my opinion would improve the game drastically. Your move devs.

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I lost around 800 units on my first attempted attack. I had no idea that you lost everything that you sent... what a stupid mechanic that is.

The sad thing is that the attack was a draw as well... how fucking annoying is that? I didn't even get some resources to help cover my losses.

Now I'm spending a few days recruiting my attacking army again... I'm so annoyed.


That is crazy, just imagine if your defender had his units in safe house, you would go back with extra resources(if he had any to steal) and your units would survive. He would still have his units and stored resources, you would have extra resources and attacking units, both parties are kinda happy.

That was like a weeks worth of units for me with no real result. The game has been frustrating ever since battles got released again.

Dev team have gone quiet to the battle mechanics and I truly feel robbed. Regardless of draw or win/loss no player should lose that many units!

Anyways. Feel free to attack. The clowns will be waiting 🤡


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It is all one big fun, I might retaliate I might not ;) It is just that devs are making all these mistakes, making every move you make in game feel like a waste of time/resources, which makes the game a frustrating mess to play.


I feel ya

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Oh man! Im so glad you wrote this post, I had the very same idea and was thinking on writing a post like this but I guess you beat me to the punch and I agree with everything you said here. @drugwars needs to make some changes urgently...


It is very easy to notice something is wrong with battle system. We need to write more posts like this, maybe devs will take a look and think instead of rushing.

and there are no mechanics to protect them in any way.

So true, in games like Travian, ogame, tribes, etc... you can send your troops away to another city and actually decrease their speed in order to safeguard them while traveling, in drugwars you can't do this, which enables people with big armies to constantly harass people with small armies, this is where I see the problem with drugwars, it's too much pay2win, in games like travian and ogame there is a balance between "you can pay for some advantages but even if you don't pay you can be really really really good at the game and fight with the paying users" and the non paying users actually pay from time to time in drugwars there is no such system, it centralizes the power in those with more STEEM... Let's hope they make the game better with time, we need more dapps in the STEEM ecosystem :)


They will need to implement something to protect our troops, or the game will slowly wither away. I fear this will always be a pay to win game, the core design is that you can buy every upgrade and unit with Steem, I don't even know what is the cap for buildings, there can literally be infinite levels of HQ upgrades and there will always be people with extra cash willing to pay for that. Like you said with time the bugs will be ironed out, and we might have something people will enjoy playing pay to win or not.

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