Lets take over positions

in #drugwars3 years ago


Here we are!

Yakuza next target is 5th global gang position!

We are doing a very nice job, users are giving to gang resources and now we are just one point far from 5th place!!

On my last post I was a bit concerned because we was with 44 points and none was giving resources, but now is again a good cooperation between members and we are very near to overtake 5th place gang.

Drugwars is very dynamic game, so it could be we will find a reaction and start a battle which can rise till 3rd place, frankly speaking the first and second gangs are playing in another level...

As Yakuza Capo I have the rights to accept new members, but we need active gamers, not just feeders of another gang, so if someone think can develop our gang, is welcome, but before accept troops check is needed....


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My account has been emptied, so no longer play

Which gang you was member?

No gang

account emptied troops or all?

Everything,I have to nothing in my account now.

I want to join drugwars too. Would it be lucrative? I can also reserve some capital. An amount around $ 300.

I think even you invest 300 usd, it will be not lucrative, this is a game need long time without big investment and DWD coins value is not going up, so I would suggest you to not loose your money, now it is very hard to start from zero

Dear friend, we are doing all our best to move on, so we are all happy about it and we are keeping straight away!

5th place achieved!!

Yeah! It seems impossible, just few weeks ago we was 5 points far!!

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