Is time for another climb

in #drugwars4 years ago

Dear friends

it took me almost 2 weeks to complete the storages improvement in order to be able to increase my drug production, but as you can see, in 2 week I lost more than 50 positions.

Many people write that @drugwars is death game, but to me it no seems so...

I heard about the coming back of them in the Steem-engine, so I join it but to move my futures back from obyte wallet I need some bytes, in discord none i answering me, so if someone an send me 50000 bytes, I will reward with the bounty I set.


Hi - It is the first time i see this kind of prompting apps on steemit, so I have resteemd, upvoted and commented this post just to test the waters of steem bounty

thank you

Sorry I lost my bytes with a wrong address or something good luck getting it. My friend still plays drugwars too but not as busy I think

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@loro68 has set 3.000 STEEM bounty on this post!

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@loro68, Hope that once again you will going to jump up in ranks. Let's see how this Ecosystem will behave once it will arrive on to Steemegine. Stay blessed.

50k is too much bytes. Why do you need that many bytes. It takes some 800 bytes per transaction. Move all in a single transaction unless you are playing with many alts.

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hay amigo si tueviera con gusto..

already said somewhere in the writing speak of the ant, refer to this small and tiny animal as a laborious being that without a direction of a boss prepares its food in the summer and collects the harvest of their livelihood is a very wise I loved it so we must make many a hardworking ant to create our own future

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