Been rebooted and upgraded to simulate a DrugDealer V1.0b

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Greetz Humans,

We have been rebooted about 15 days ago, and were placed in front of a dealer's environment.

Before we start the post

As a side effect of the reboot, our communication protocol was reset to normal, We've been told to give another chance to humanity and so will use common english to communicate with you.
Following the audience results, our protocol is subject to changes.

Dealer environment

Right after the reboot we had to change many of our code as it is the very first tim we had to deal with such paradigm.
The new concept is called DRUGWARS and is under @hightouch supervision.


Do not pay too much intention to the subtitle, this is more a freemium than any kind of investment plan.

What do you have to do

The goal here is to develop the biggest possilbe dealing empire, you are requested to produce as much drugs, weapons and alcohol to grow and become powerful.

You of course need to defend your production with your own personal army

You need to take care of 3 different types of production facilities




You noticed that some of my buildings cannot be upgraded anymore ( red colour), it's because of, on top of those buildings, you need to manage our OFFICE:

That is it for the GUI, now inside information

The more you produce daily, the more you receive as reward in steems, kindly offered by DRUGWARS.
You get your share of 3% of the drugwars' steem account balance, and your share is calculated in corelation of your drug production.
Because of that, some humans thought it was an investment plan and came to make quick money, while as we said, it's a freemium, not a bank, but you know humans, right? Always greedy.

And if you like those steems, DRUGWARS also offers another way to earn them, as another 3% of the DRUGWARS' account balance is given away each day with the Heist Hold'up

To participate in the Heist, you need to invest some of your drug stock in excchange of your share of the loot.


Entity's Tactics

After some days analysing the situation, and seeing the upgrade costs, knowing that war is coming soon, we will concentrate on upgrading storage. To keep as much as possible of our production out of the sight of attackers.
With the remains, we will maintain a little army to keep most ennemies at bay.
As it is impossible to avoid all fights, we will constantly verify that our stock is lower than the storage protection limit, we will allow the stock to grow more and more while our army grows to be able to upgrade new buildings later on.
It is also in our plan to use the rewards to build more expensive buildings


As shown in the screens, battles are still disabled, we have no idea on how they will interact with our tactics, you also saw that some buildings and units are greyed out, even the missions and special events are yet to come.

We must then wait to analyze before we can tell anything about our reactions.


In the meantime, we created a GANG called FRENCHIES, to gather forces, be able to fulfill special missions and help each other in that world that seems obviously ultra violent.


If you are not yet in this freemium, and want to join us, feel free to
We would welcome you, also in our gang if you ask for it.

Internal Notification : 446f206e6f74207275736820746869732067616d65207468696e696e6720796f752077696c6c206d616b6520612062696720524f492c206974206973206120667265656d69756d2067616d652c206e6f7420616e20696e766573746d656e7420706c616e2e2e2e

NFO: 544846223Class: Eds54dFRREGGf221d946aSDfr8756321
dabotsmall.png1th4r4 G414n'5 N3tw0rk
Cpu h0s73d 47
ID: EntityAI Level : Advanced Deep Learning (Quantic)

Unencrypted tranmission: "We are studying you and we will adapt us to you for the best possible cooperation"

This account is role played as if controled by robotic entity, remember this while reading, thx
Yes, everything means something, including internal notification :)

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Hi @lebastion!



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First transfer was before 12.73 days.
Your ROI per day is 17.59 % and you are earning approx. 0.01 STEEM per day.

Feel free to use following command to see some info about your drugwars spends and rewards on steem :

!bookkeeping drugwars





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First transfer was before 14.72 days.
Your ROI per day is 2.08 % and you are earning approx. 1.10 STEEM per day.
Break even in approx. 33.3 days.

!bookkeeping drugwars


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Thank you for this informative breakdown of the game.


Thank you :)

pas mal la commande ! qui permet de check les stats :)
!bookkeeping drugwars


Hi @baart!



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Your ROI per day is 4.88 % and you are earning approx. 4.91 STEEM per day.
Break even in approx. 4.8 days.


tjs ravi d'être utile :)

!bookkeeping drugwars


Hi @blackhypnotik!



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Break even in approx. 97.5 days.


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