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I invested a bit more buying things...because I figure if I get big faster...and it's a lot easier to buy these early things than it is to buy things for more steem later in the game. I started with just buying some things I thought were cool, like the 3D printer and the distillery and a grow house...and then the Industrial Distillery was calling my name...and the Lab... But I rationalized it because I'll be able to upgrade faster and buy units...then Battles started messing up... Then I decided to just buy most of the things as far as buildings that were under 1 steem and would increase the speed I can grow. Now, all in all, I'm getting 2.711 Steem per day, and I'd have to check to see how much I've paid... So I think maybe I'll get my money back...

I can't say that this is the most fun game, in it's current state, and it might never be...but I actually feel a lot better about my dumb purchases in this game than any other. I actually have a chance to get the money back...maybe. Hopefully I can resist buying anything too expensive that's not worth it.

Edit: I just ran a script to see how much I've spent. 40.472 Steem. OUCH! 3.246 STEEM received. Gonna take me 13 days to make the rest back. So not so bad. Spent more than I intended though. But I don't plan on spending much more any time soon. I've gotten almost all the cheap upgrades already. The ones I haven't, I don't NEED to buy to speed up my account growth.

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I am weighing the cost to return thing more right now. I'm stuck at an HQ upgrade and not making enough currency to get it done in one day.


Yeah, you gotta upgrade the HQ a lot. But mainly it's for the crack house. (at least at first) Is there anything else you can upgrade to earn more resources? Maybe by waiting a bit?


Right now, I'm doing the waiting. I upped my storage capabilities.


I was going to up my storage capabilities, but I decided to up my weapons and alcohol production with what built up overnight, in order to increase my drug production a bit before upping my storage.

If it turns out that battles are re-enabled today, then I'll spend my excess on units until I up my storage a bit more.