Giving you bigger pool to reimburse you for your troubles

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Dear players, thank you for being patient while we were experiencing some issues with several things in the game. To avoid responding to each one of you individually, we will consider that you all got the information from this announcement. If you are a gang leader, consider sharing this information with your gang.


Our last update has caused some issues in the last 24 hours. We were focused on solving it so we apologize for not responding to all your messages. To resolve the issues was our first priority and now that everything has been fixed, we want to inform you that the troubles you had will be rewarded. To reimburse you for issues with:

  • fights
  • creating units
  • wrong balances
  • upgrades

we are adding 1000 steem to the total pool of DrugWars as a gift from the team. We once again apologize for your troubles and thank you for your patience. We will work hard to make sure this sort of thing does not happen again but cannot make promises that there will be no more bumps in the road to glory. We appreciate all your feedback and reviews that you are providing us with and are happy to see the community of DrugWars players growing strong and growing proud.



Keep it up you guys...and your following will only grow! I dont know if 1000 Ateem was neccessary...but i won't be kicking the gift horse in the mouth. All i will say is thank yous so much for all your continuing great(and hard) work. We all aporeciate it!

Gifts are always nice and we are sure this will make the anger over issues a bit smaller ;)

should the 1000 steem not be seen here?

No angered at all for me .

I mean...a lot of players are pissed because they lost a huge amount of resources and troops. Many people aren't even investing in the heist because they don't know that it has been "fixed". I'd rather have my resource back tbh. I was going to invest a lot more steem in this game, but I'm going to have to wait till the game is more stable. For now, I'll be sticking with Steem monsters...

It's kinda funny to think about this because earlier today I got attacked and lost a ton of resources for the first time. I had been attacked and lost a little before, but I mean this time it was about 100k total resources taken. I was planning to save up to upgrade drug production without using STEEM. I was so pissed that I looked up the account that attacked me.

It turns out that they bought the entire massive army used to attack me. Her last bookkeeping was about -50 STEEM. My point is that some people keep digging themselves in deeper. Even in her massive attack on me she probably gained less than the value of the units she lost. It's just foolish, but people are doing dumb things to try to get their money back. Ironically, attacks like that end up helping push people to pay for upgrades instead of waiting, which just makes even more people desperate to make their money back. It's honestly their own fault though, not a fault in the game.

I already made my money, I don't know what other people are thinking if they are "investing" STEEM now, as payouts decrease by the day. At this point people just need to let it go if they can't grow with the resources they already make each day in the game...or actually treat it as a game and not an "investment".

!bookkeeping drugwars

That’s funny. I realised early on that buying units was like throwing money down the drain. And if you lose units on an attack, you’d often spend even more resources than you gained just to replace them. Attacking is high risk. I’d never spend Steem on units. It’s insanity.

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You're a smart man. Attacking is a huge risk. Although, I have to rely on attacking to upgrade my productions without paying Steem. Different people have different strategy, but I hope we can all agree that paying money on units is stupid. What's the chance of winning resources is worth the amount of losing your units? pretty slim

!bookkeeping drugwars

Hi @big.ock!



  • 2.809 STEEM from daily
  • 0.580 STEEM from heist
  • 0.063 STEEM from referral


  • 1.613 STEEM


  • 1.839 STEEM

First transfer was before 47.41 days.
Your ROI per day is 4.51 % and you are earning approx. 0.07 STEEM per day.

ROI when taking only the last 5 days into account

Your ROI per day is 6.98 % and you are earning approx. 0.11 STEEM per day.

!bookkeeping drugwars

does not work anymore.

Hi @californiacrypto!



  • 26.854 STEEM from daily
  • 7.244 STEEM from heist
  • 0.595 STEEM from referral


  • 51.481 STEEM


  • -16.788 STEEM

First transfer was before 50.41 days.
Your ROI per day is 1.34 % and you are earning approx. 0.69 STEEM per day.
Break even in approx. 24.4 days.

ROI when taking only the last 5 days into account

Your ROI per day is 0.53 % and you are earning approx. 0.27 STEEM per day.
Break even in approx. 61.4 days.

Hi @pirateofthedtube!



  • 1.195 STEEM from daily
  • 1.165 STEEM from heist
  • 0.000 STEEM from referral


  • 0.665 STEEM


  • 1.695 STEEM

First transfer was before 34.09 days.
Your ROI per day is 10.41 % and you are earning approx. 0.07 STEEM per day.

ROI when taking only the last 5 days into account

Your ROI per day is 19.55 % and you are earning approx. 0.13 STEEM per day.

I agree with you completely. I still play the game because it's fun. When I first joined, I spent about $5 worth of steem for my units. After doing some heavy calculations (a few days after my original comment), I realize it would take me forever to gain any profits from the game. As of right now, I learn that it is just smarter to just grind it out and slowly grow at my own pace. I'm currently earning 0.03 from my daily reward itself and my goal is to reach 1 STEEM/Day without spending any extra money than I already have. However, bugs like these are a huge setback when it comes to grinding resources (lost out on 80k resources during the first bug). Now, I make it a habit to always upgrade my "Safe" before upgrading my productions. You can take my soldiers, but leave my resources alone!

I understand youre frustration, as i am still negative on my return and lost resources across 11 of my accounts. But this is early access and it is only a game. Plus, you gotta give it to them that its a LOT better now then a little while back.
P.S. I completely love SM! I actually just won my first amount of money in a tournament earlier! So stoked!!

No. I completely understand and I will have to see how much drugwars will progress in the future. However, this is the most buggiest game I had ever played in my life!
P.S, SM is super dope! I might have another giveaway in a few days, so keep an eye out! I love supporting STEEM-based products, so I do hope drugwars gets better.

Wow was the bugguest game in my life😂

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I'm waiting for news about the encryption issue, or maybe even someone from the team contacting me. ;-)

This was very urgent so it stole all of our focus. The encryption is being worked on. Thank you for your interest in it.

Please mention - UNITs and BUILDINGs are now available AFTER the timer.

This is different - and feels like a bug - until you realize it is a feature, and makes more sense.

This information may help.

We kindly ask that you read out latest update post. We have announced this and said it will happen a couple of days after that post. A couple of days had passed, it happened. ;)

I don't need to read about what I already figured out. Ask the discord team how many people were complaining/questioning/raging about this this morning.

In fact, you've just 'rewarded us' as a sorry for implementing your own announced feature. Could it be that you should have repeated it a few more times, like in this post?

Just a recommendation...

as a sorry for implementing your own announced feature

Nope, we are trying to reimburse you for the issues with it. There is a huge difference there. Reimbursing you for implementing new stuff to the game and improving it would not be logical. Apologizing when something goes wrong and trying to fix it, on the other hand, is quite logical.

That reimbursement is not very fair I think. A player with low drug production has a low stake in the POOL & the HEIST, resulting in a low reimbursement. Such players may rely on fight and stolen resources, in which case all their loot is lost and the low reimbursement does not cover their loss. On the other hand, the powerful players with high stakes will enjoy the biggest part of the 1000 steem.

Since the game is based on the steem-blockchain (for no apparent reason), it should be possible to get all the players' transactions that were not resolved in-game and reimburse accordingly. If such data is not stored in the blockchain, what is the purpose of using the blockchain?

Thank you for your efforts, waiting for a reply.

hi - with my friend @satari , we have found another wrong glitch or bug in the game - he has upgraded the operation center from level 8 to level 9 - and the game system deducted all required resources from his three wallets, but till this moment the upgrade did not happen, this was at 21:20 pm tonight till this moment.

here is the trx links for your ref. collected from of @satari account.

End off all...It works now...1000 times thanks to you make my day better
every single day

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Yup, the April fools hit us all hard but we are glad it is over now ;)

Why are they selling the future coin super overpriced on drugwars wtf

!bookkeeping drugwars

Hi @mawit07!



  • 0.815 STEEM from daily
  • 0.103 STEEM from heist
  • 0.000 STEEM from referral


  • 16.351 STEEM


  • -15.433 STEEM

First transfer was before 20.71 days.
Your ROI per day is 0.27 % and you are earning approx. 0.04 STEEM per day.
Break even in approx. 348.2 days.

ROI when taking only the last 5 days into account

Your ROI per day is 0.43 % and you are earning approx. 0.07 STEEM per day.
Break even in approx. 218.0 days.

This will not compensate for sure!

I hope I can start playing again🤩

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