Drugwars roadmap: showing you a glimpse of the future

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Marty rarely understood the boss no matter how hard he tried. Maybe it was because his mother often dropped him on his head when he was a child but some things were hard for him to grasp. Sometimes, even simple math was problematic for him.

"So you see Marty, you worry too much. The four families will be here just in time and we will be ready for them." the boss was getting more and more tired with Marty's negativity and constant bitching but he was still unsure of firing him, where would he find another Marty anyway?

"But there are so many other things I do not understand, boss." the protege started to become nervous and angry, he wanted to prove himself smart and capable but failed miserably every time he tried.

"At this point Marty, I don't expect you to understand."


We hope that all of our partners, users, associates, friends, and critics have had a peaceful Easter and enjoyed some nice time with their family and friends. For those who are not celebrating this holiday, we hope you at least had a nice and lovely weekend and rested for the upcoming week. Mondays are always lovely, they are fresh starts and beginnings full of potential and new opportunities. They are full of plans. On this specific Monday, we will share our plans for the future with you.

After presenting you our Black-paper and Future tokens, with so many game updates and news, we still left you with one crucial piece of information missing, our roadmap. Today we will finally share with you our vision of the future and give you some more info about what we are working on and what goals we have. Drugwars started as a seed, a huge dream that in order to grow into reality had to be watered daily. The seed is not a fully grown flower yet but it is well on its way. Goals are huge but we believe in them. Drugwars is on its way to becoming planetary popular and on a mission to bridge the gap between the old and the new world. Fiat and crypto, gaming and earning.

People who say it is impossible,
should not interrupt those
who are trying to make it possible...



There have been some bumps in the road but we are happy to say that we are on schedule and have so far done everything that we have planned to do. It was not easy but it was fun. Drugwars is currently in its early access which means that it is being developed and worked on daily. We are grateful to all our users who are on this journey together with us and who are helping us with their advice and opinions. As we are building and creating this game, receiving regular feedback is crucial to us.

Since we opened the game to players and allowed early access, after adding new things in the game every day, we have introduced and launched our Future tokens, had an airdrop and integrated them into the game, integrated Obyte alongside of steem, launched a new battle system, gave all units unique skills, provided anonymity to players, launched notifications, created our forum, discord, provided regular news in our posts, integrated an in-game exchange and so much more. The initial ground has been set and everything is ready to move into a more serious phase and start working on further development.



We have exciting new things to develop in the next couple of months. Missions will be implemented so users can earn different resources by completing them. We already told you that we are working on this in one of our previous posts. The shop will be improved, defense buildings will come, Future tokens will be listed on more exchanges, displayed information will be improved, unit training will be implemented, and additional currencies will be added. A huge thing we are working on is bringing more players not only to the game but to the blockchain too. New log in system will be added where you can log in with your facebook, google account etc. and play the game. Those players will be able to earn tokens too and have their wallet. They will also be able to obtain a steem account.

Four families...

Those new users that will come outside of the crypto world and join us in this marvelous adventure will also have their cards stored in their wallets too just as the players who are already playing the game. We are working on immutable collectible cards, a battle system card integration, and an in-game card market. We are preparing a truly remarkable thing and working hard on bringing you something that you have never seen before. It will be different from what you are used to seeing when it comes to collectibles so you can say that we are (as with everything else) taking it to the next level and creating something new on the global market that will expand Drugwars to different users and provide a brand new way of gameplay, inside and outside of the current game.



The next phase will bring improvements to the ranking system with xp, levels, ELO, etc. just as it will bring more implementations of new units, buildings, and items. There will be deployments on other blockchains, improved leader boards and reward system, shop improvements, game balancing, steem upvote service for purchases, and random events.

Marty knows everything...

Do you remember when Marty talked to his boss about a map? It will be an elegant and yet extensive system where the map and territory of drugwars will be implemented. There will also be a map expansion system with player location and bases. If you have been reading the Marty part of our posts carefully, you could have learned a lot about what was to come. The map system will have specific locations of every player and it will provide more diversity, ask for more tactic abilities from the players and make the game more complex. You will have to use some combinatorics but you will handle it with ease and enjoy so many new possibilities that it will provide. Gangs will love the map system as all gangs should have their territories, right?



In this time, we plan to add an ability to deactivate buildings from your opponents and add an in-game resources exchange system where you will be able to trade one resource for other just as you will be able to trade resources for crypto. There will also be a contract pledge system where players can stack up Future tokens to pledge a contract for their opponents where the player who kills most units gets the prize. Additionally, players will be able to send FBI to other players, more buildings and content will be added, and notifications system and referrals will be improved.

Mini games for maxi enjoyment

Yes, we are planning to add mini-games to the game. They will be related to drugs, weapons, and alcohol. The logical next step is gambling. Mini-games will be implemented into drugwars and those who want can enjoy them too. You will not be obligated to play them but those who love the additional adrenaline rush and more opportunities to earn some extra money on the side will surely enjoy this implementation. You will be able to enjoy a couple of various mini-games and earn resources or Future tokens. Who knows, maybe we will even add games where you can play live against other players. We can not tell you everything right away, can we? Let's leave some mystery and room for your suggestions.



And here comes the big challenge that we have set up for ourselves. We plan to have everything ready by the second quarter of 2020. There will be a 2D/3D cross-platform, more units, buildings, and items, new quest mode of playing integrated, a complete tutorial of the game, improvement of the UI, additional currencies and achievements added. Everything that we have been working on, planning, developing, and implementing will lead to a huge step of releasing the V1.0 and ending the early access stage.

V1.0 in just one year

We know, it almost seems impossible to do everything that we plan to in such a short period of time but you know us, we dream big and we do big. This time next year we will be very nervous about our soon to come release and will be checking everything 3 times to make sure that everything is in its place and perfect. Drugwars will become something that the world had not seen before and it will bring more people to crypto world by creating a bridge out of itself to join gaming as a fun activity with earning real money that players can easily exchange and enjoy. It will be a game that anyone from anywhere will be able to play no matter their knowledge or experience with cryptocurrencies. For many, it will be their first contact with them.

You can visit our roadmap here: Drugwars roadmap and see all our plans in real time as we will be completing them. We are making this roadmap public for all of you not only to see but to participate in too. You can contribute by giving feedbacks and ideas in our discord: https://discord.me/drugwars or by mail at : [email protected]

You should strictly use the roadmap-suggestion channel (if you use Discord) and/or add the letter of the point which concerns your suggestions.

You can suggest heroes, units, buildings, and items by using the following codes :
Z-H for heroes
Z-U for units
Z-B for buildings
Z-I for items

All contributors will be credited for their feedbacks and will help our team and our community to mark the history of gaming on blockchains!

After going through our roadmap and receiving this glimpse into Drugwars future, we are sure that you understand some things better and see in which direction we are going. Since the game is going for the public mass adoption which was our plan from the start, it is logical (and expected from investors) to have one single token. We wanted to give you steem and Future rewards but will instead give you even more. You will not only be able to receive steem but other cryptocurrencies as well. Future token will firstly be exchangeable for steem and then for other cryptocurrencies in the game. In the next couple of weeks, its price from the market will be the same in the whole drugswars economy. We have told you how it is your choice to get Future or steem, now we will give you even more choices. The exchange has been implemented in-game and you can easily transfer your Future tokens to steem and receive them in your wallet. You can also use your earned Future tokens to buy upgrades and units in the game.


"What do you expect from me then? To sit quietly and do nothing?!" Marty got more irritated but had to choose his words carefully because there was no telling what the boss may do. To his surprise, the boss reacted calmly and could not get provoked that easily.

"I expect you to be yourself Marty. That is all I ever expected from you. You have your purpose. Everyone has their purpose..."


great game but so much hassle to play it ;)

I am confused

Snap lol I think most people agree

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Know what would be a good future? Not spamming up the blockchain with automated posts upvoted with Fundition.

They upvoted this post with a 100% fundition vote too. Pretty sure the Steemit delegation was for Fundition use, not for the devs to upvote all their own posts and drugwars spam. Shame on @steemit for letting this continue.

There's not enough DRAMA to go around.

To view or trade DRAMA go to steem-engine.com.

Spamming the blockchain? As opposed to all the other ways people earn something on steemit for being involved in a platform wide growth project of the community? Exponential growth does not happen overnight and this system listening to the community while picking and choosing ideas (of which I salute the fluidity of thinking and dynamics of the game day to day--that's as real life as it gets things not being like a game of go-fish every day forever). Projects like this and @steemmonsters are the catalysts to raise geometrically in size due to the voting of accounts by fundition of those people that participate encouraging them to stay and the prospect to come over and eventually stay as well if steemit is their thing. Bottom line there is nothing else going on within the steemit blockchain that is encouraging growth and upside in a steem price that is in a slow drop in the coinmarketcap top 100 (currently at 53rd as of the 22nd). When continued growth meet growing brand awareness people will feel that steem is dramatically underpriced being the umbrella crypto of the whole thing. People steemit virtue signalling growth projects=where we are today. Maybe something different makes sense at this point.

Take a look at https://steemit.com/created/ which looks absurd at this point.

"Bottom line there is nothing else going on within the steemit blockchain that is encouraging growth" <-- that's the real issue right here. It's the fact that no much else is happening and where something else is happening, it's not known or utilized by the userbase.

Account creation as a pure indicator of real growth on steemit is a comical measure right now. Either there are tons of brand new users that don't have the RCs to do anything or there are a bunch of existing users creating countless alt accounts. I lean towards the latter, very heavily. Very very heavily, even more than you would think very heavily.

Account creation isn't a good measure. For example, there's one user who has about 20k accounts right now.

Sorry, I misunderstood the link for the new created posts, thought it was something for created accounts. My point- long story short is that redistributing some whale wealth from fundition to juice up the steemit economy in an effort to increase upon the user base even if it causes thousands of posts daily is not a bad thing at all in my humble opinion. Also that is something that can be changed as needed later on.

Fundition is not “whale wealth” that needs to be juiced. It receives Steemit Inc. delegation for the designated goals of the project. The team of drugwars (who is also behind fundition) have taken it upon themselves to use the delegation to fund their other projects, which is not what it was intended for.. hence the reason people are commenting about it here 😄

I’m sure the other games, that have been developed out of pocket from those building them, would love to get 100% fundition votes to make their games a success.. but unfortunately, even though they played by the rules of fundition (and applied) they don’t get the same benefit of those behind the project.. who feel they can use Steemit Inc. delegation however they see fit.. even if it was intended for something else 🙂

Not meaning to get into an argumentative position but what on earth is fundition for if a game cannot pass out upvotes based on participation as a prize to reward steemit users? The delegation could also be pulled at any time if there is serious rule-breaking or protocol being broken. This has been the problem on here with lack of growth. Without a few million SP the game draws a lot less attention. Why not hype a simple game that at some point is planned to transfer very easily into drawing facebook users or other social medias ideally growing the steemit user base? I try not to be too much of a fanboy in these things but this is a very positive thing moving forward and I am surprised when something designed to retain users and inject growth to the platform is seeing this level of negativity. You have your stance but as paraphrased before steem the publicly traded entity is slowly falling down the ranks of the coinmarketcap100. To paraphrase a Richard Heart quote: No one gives a [expletive] about the details they only care about if it's going up in value. While those of us on the inside and regular users of the platform may think a little less in absolutes there is no denying that steem is getting passed like it's not even moving by coins on there like they aren't even moving. Steem right now is being trusted with a 0.00007599 ratio to Bitcoin, which I think is absurdly low but the rest of the market at least at the moment does not think so (I personally think it's more legit at 0.00013ish but of course that's my humble opinion). That unfortunately is how crypto based enterprises are seen by the public due to still being so new. Agree to disagree, though I do not disagree if fundition has specified rules in conditions for their delegation then yes that is an issue they can take up with the creators of the game of course.

"Bottom line there is nothing else going on within the steemit blockchain

Sorry I have to correct it. There is no steemit blockchain, its steem blockchain.
Steemit is one of the DApps on steem blockchain.

yes, that was a typo, of course there is a steem blockchain, not a steemit blockchain. then you must down with everything else other than that tiny little slip up while typing quickly and doing two or three other things.

Is there a way to block their "fight" posts btw ? (by blocking their tag maybe?)

There's no tag filtering on condenser (steemit.com and similar).

The upvote is the only reason to keep playing the game so I'm not against it.

It's so good people care so much about this platform, the witnesses need to address these problems people have highlighted

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oh god why did you have to remind me of that bitch?

Shifting to future tokens can be understood as it's your token everybody who has their tokens in the market would always want them to be circulated and the same is with this case, but I don't understand why the f**k would you enforce the price by yourself and not let the market decide the real price of the tokens?

and, most importantly, it's basically a shit coin at this point. Therefore, their current payout is worth a fraction of what they had before.

I think they are just taking the money and going at this point.

!bookkeeping drugwars

Hi @robertoueti!



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First transfer was before 68.75 days.
Your ROI per day is 1.89 % and you are earning approx. 1.52 STEEM per day.

ROI when taking only the last 5 days into account

Your ROI per day is 0.16 % and you are earning approx. 0.13 STEEM per day.

Hi @elektropunkz!



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First transfer was before 68.82 days.
Your ROI per day is 1.39 % and you are earning approx. 1.69 STEEM per day.
Break even in approx. 3.0 days.

ROI when taking only the last 5 days into account

Your ROI per day is 0.03 % and you are earning approx. 0.03 STEEM per day.
Break even in approx. 158.5 days.

you've changed your mind so often, you change and discard plans within mere days... you say one thing and then implement another... now you're giving us a glimpse into the glorious future?!

I don't mind someone being very agile in their product development, it's still better to not have a roadmap than to pull one out of one's ass thin air...

There will be a 2D/3D cross-platform, [...]



finally :D

You have DRAMA!

To view or trade DRAMA go to steem-engine.com.

great communication.. moonshot planing.. but bad execution..
we will see what comes and how many people will switch to NextColony instead...

You try to advertise a game that is not finished yet either and which seems to be nothing more than a ogame clone...

I am advertising nothing..
here on steem is a strong gaming community (that fortunately is growing)...
The community first was awakened by steemmonsters.. then drugwars came and many players also played drugwars, some moved completely.. same will happen with NextColony... and if drugwars does not get their act together rather fast I fear an exodus could be possible...
.. to be honest.. one could get the impression that the drugwars team gets payed by steemmonsters and NextColony for their poor execution...
and I am saying this with bitter bitter feelings.. as I have invested so much into drugwars... no.. I do not talk about steem.. I talk about time.. I really really hope they see the writing on the wall.. finally...
and in regards to NextColony.. actually in many ways it is definitely more completed than drugwars.. time will tell.. I certainly hope I am wrong..

indeed, time will tell.

Flagged for misuse of delegation given to fundition.

How does function work is it like crowd funding?

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stopped playing

I was playing maybe once a day or or every two days and everytime I would check my account, I had been attacked with only my safe resources! Impossible to play in those conditions-> Impossible to upgrade buildings and impossible to build an army!

Really? I recently built an account with zero purchased upgrades without a problem. It’s pretty easy.

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There is no steem motivation to play so don't play as much

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How about hookers and a unit that does drive by shootings? And keep up the awesome works y'all. I always had faith in your team and its vision.

100% 💥 since we on GTA now

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