Drugwars v0.7 : Los Angeles is ready to welcome new players

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After taking Detroit by storm, are you ready to dominate Los Angeles?

Is your gang strong enough to take on the Canoga? The 18th Street? Or the Rollin’?

The only way to know is to start your new journey in Los Angeles.


We are glad to announce that after a year of testing your strength, your will, your mental with Detroit, we are opening Los Angeles, the new door or server of hell...

We advise you to go there fast and be one of the first to dominate the map. It’s accessible on the login page.

For some obvious reason, we have chosen to make the new server the recommended one.

If you were too late or still at the bottom of the hierarchy, it’s your chance to born again in Drugwars, and be at the top of the Druglords rank right away instead of climbing your way up. You should consider it a fresh start and not lose time because your competitors aren’t waiting for you.


Is Los Angeles totally separated from Detroit?

As we mentioned, it is a fresh start for you but also for Drugwars. The new server does not share any asset or prize with the old one, which means that both cities will be independent.
However you can send your DWD’s into the new server to use them efficiently.

How to send my DWD to Los Angeles?

At this moment you were sending your DWD tokens to the Detroit server, just by using your tied Steem account and Drugwars as receiver. We are not changing this, but if you want to send your tokens to Los Angeles, you have to use one of those memos: 2, s2,server2, los angeles or losangeles. Remember, if you are not using any memo or a wrong one your tokens will go to Detroit.


Fix for referrals

It showed an inaccurate number in the client side because of a referral production calculation issue, but it is fixed now.

Shield improvement

The shield will now cost much more if you try to buy it a second time in a timeframe of a week. After 7 days the price will go back to the original one.

More bases

The total of base that players can own is doubled to 10. This will give more room to make outpost for attacks.

Fix for move costs

A small fix that makes all move cost being spent right.

Improvement for Steem prices

A small fix that will improve the will to spend Steem beside DWD.

Paypal is back

We added back the ability to buy DWD tokens with paypal.


What's coming next by order of priorities

Rework of the fight system

We are aware that the fight system has some issues and as you may be aware of, fight systems are always complicated and always have issues in most games, we are working on improving it and it should be released in a couple of weeks and it will definitely be a game changer that you will enjoy.

Mobile Apps

This has been promised in the last update but unfortunately we couldn't deliver it for the moment.

Integrating the guide into the game

Learning to be a great leader and Druglord isn’t an easy task, fortunately we’ve prepared a complete Druglord course for you that will be integrated in game soon. Also a special thanks to the few players who have helped us to fix the grammar errors.

Attack on buildings / Sabotage

This feature is always in our list and should come with the next update.

A big change on gang jobs

As we said before, we are remodeling the gang jobs to make it feel like more playing with your gang, instead of being the only one to send your units.

I don't want to play on Los Angeles, Detroit is the city where I'm born!

If you think so, please click just on change the server at the login as you see there :

For you, new Druglord, new Soldier.

First of all, you should try to get to know the functionality and characteristics of all the buildings, you need to understand the building before investing and get the best ROI. You may not be aware but Drugwars is full of surprises, even when a building seems to not be that special, it may contain some hidden card behind it. You also probably aim for the very last building of each category, but is it the best strategy though?

Then you should try to loot someone asap, looting is your best chance to grow quicker, faster, stronger. You’d like to understand each troop characteristics and use each of them wisely instead of rushing for mercenaries for example.

You also should try to enter a gang, or create your own, because you know... brotherhood at all cost. Also it’s better to do the gang jobs with an active gang!

As usual, we always listen to your suggestions, ideas and bugs reporting. So never hesitate to let us know about your thoughts.

Any questions? Just join the DrugWars community on Discord : https://discord.me/drugwars

To support the development of Drugwars you can vote for our witness : https://steemlogin.com/sign/account-witness-vote?witness=future.witness&approve=1


If you could switch this back to people being able to earn steem directly, I think your user base would flourish.

The only option on the login page is Los Angeles????


So basically you're telling us that we were wasting our time for the whole year?

hey @oldtimer,
We would never dare to make you waste your time, here you can see the steps to follow to login back to Detroit!


Is upgrading the Pantheon in LA good for anything?

We will make an annoucement about the Pantheon soon! So you can upgrade it, it will not be useless.

Good! And when will we be able to stake DWD?

So, everything done, build and created on Detroit server is gone, or we can log in on both occasions, do we have to choose ... wtf ... what a loss

Hey elektropunkz,
You can login back to the Detroit server by choosing it at the login page!

Thanks, i figured that out by now 😷🧠😉😍🚀🤔

I have lost all my buildings how? I mean there levels are all 1lvl is my account been deleted? Also some dwds are not there

Looking good Down With Clowns is down with this!

Can you please explain how the HELL to log in t the Detroit server? JEEEZZZ!

First, click on "Change server" on the login page.
Second, click on "Detroit".
Third, you are done click on login!


Yeah, I saw that afterwards. Luckily, I was able to use logic to logout. PLEASE add these simple directions to the pop-up menu (before people hit "Got It" so that less savvy folks don't have to ask the same question ad infinum... The new upgrades look interesting, and I will write about them in my upcoming weekly series post...

That is the reason why I am for a strict gun control..

"Guys who shoot first and think afterwards"

Good to hear about things stirring in DrugWars, it is a very nice game that needs a good revamp of the combat system to really shine! There are several good idea proposals in the Discord, check out the lengthy ones.

Good Luck with the game, and may you have a multitude of players!

Let's go!

Cool new city, new life...
But as asked by @transcript-junky, if we want to go to Detroit...

  1. I have lost all DWD?

  2. We'll get upvote like at the beginning? Oden is that over?

hi @detlef-s,
You have not lost anything, please change your server at login if you want to retrieve your account and your DWD's.

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