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The boss was furious and pacing up and down his room. He was smoking his seventh cigarette in a row and waiting for his spies to give him some information about what happened. His nerves were getting the best of him and he could not remember when was the last time he was sweating this much.

"Marty!" the boss screamed and threw his glass full of whiskey through a window. Both window and glass shattered and the noise agitated the dogs who immediately started barking like crazy.

"You wanted to see me, boss?" the women asked as she entered the room. There was something familiar about her but the boss just couldn't put his finger on it. It was as he had seen her someplace before.

"Who the f@ck are you? Never mind, I have no time for interviews right now." he responded and waived his hand at her. Most people would take that clue as a clear sign to leave but not her.

"Forget the interview, what is going on? I am here, aren't I? It would be clever to use me. How can I help?" she slightly spread her arms and lowered her head showing submission.

"Someone broke into my laptop last night and is now blackmailing me. Take a look at this..."


"What is it?" she asked as she scrolled through the images.

"Those are the locations of all our future missions and locations of our employees all over the world. It is our map."

"Do you know who did this to you? Do you want me to locate them for you?" She was eager to start working for him."

"Haha, you are an eager little beaver I will give you that. Fine, you are hired but don't trouble your pretty little head with this honey and go get me my coffee. Big Mamma will give you all the records that my previous secretary had, you can continue from there."

As his new secretary was leaving the room and he had a marvelous view of her behind it struck him that he didn't remember her name. Has she even said it? Since he had far more important business to take care of, he just shrugged his shoulders and turned his view back to the laptop. The image on the screen was taunting him, mocking him and laughing in its face.


"Where the f@ck was Marty all morning? If he has been drinking with the hobos again and neglecting his duties I will snap his neck like a twig." the boss continued pacing up and down his room thinking about how this could have happened and who managed to get through all of their defenses.

"Excuse me, boss?" his secretary entered the room again gasping for breath as if she was running.

"What is it?" he asked.

"I rescued the footage from security tapes. They must have thought they erased it but I managed to salvage some of it." she said while still breathing heavily.

"Wow, good job! You are proving to be quite useful, let's see what is on them."


The night was quiet and there was no one in sight. Everyone was calm, even the dogs. There was nothing disturbing boss's dreams of a better world. Windows and doors were tightly locked, there was no wind outside and no rustling of the leaves. Everyone was asleep. Almost everyone...

"Are you sure you know what you are doing?" the voice asked. The masked female seemed as she was not amused.

"Grow some balls woman. We will be in and out before you know it. Now, help me with this." the masked man picked a book from its shelf and the entire bookcase slid a couple of inches to the left, just enough for him to jam his fingers in there and push it even more. There was a slight cracking sound and the secret chamber opened its secrets in front of them. Dogs were still quiet, they had nothing to worry about.

"Hurry." he whispered to her and entered the chamber. It only took them a couple of minutes.

"I have everything we need, we need to leave." the women said as she pulled her USB stick out of the laptop that was on the table. She took a photo with her phone and started heading out when she suddenly stopped, whispered something under her breath and returned to the laptop. She made a few clicks and opened an unmarked folder. There was only one image inside so she took a quick look at it, and then deleted it from the laptop.



The boss was left speechless after seeing two intruders in his secret chamber while his secretary was more interested in him than she was in what they just saw on the security tapes.

"Are you ok, boss? Can I get you something"she carefully asked and took a few steps back to give him more room to breathe.

"Leave me." he whispered, closed his eyes, clutched his fists and diverted all of his rage onto laptop.

The secretary was sitting in her new chair, perfectly comfortable and ready to take a trip down her eidetic memory lane. It allowed her to fully experience everything that had ever happened in her life. She adored that ability and everything it provided her.


"I think we are far enough, we can stop and rest for a while." Marty said and turned his back from her to take a piss. They were deep in the woods and safe but not for long. He knew they had to move quickly if they wanted to get to his new boss and there was always a chance that his old boss would figure out how someone was in his secret chamber. He zipped his pants and turned around to congratulate his accomplice on a job well done but the site he saw brought chills down his spine.

"What are you doing?" he asked her as she was pointing the gun at him.

"I am growing some balls, little brother." she pulled the hammer back on the gun.

"You do not have to do this, sis. We can work something out." were the last words he said.

"Growing balls and taking my name back you asshole." Marty said and holstered her weapon. There was only one more thing left to do before returning to the scene of the crime so she took her phone out and took a good look at the only picture she took with it before deleting it forever.




This looks amazing. So happy to have joined early access.
It really shows how much the developper is investing ♥️
Great job. Keep up the good work.

:) I like the way you announce the improvements :) Good job

Wow amazing :) looks very cool... keen to test it

Good story! :)

Is there an ETA for the map to be live in game?

Wow, how about this?! Very nice can't wait to see this when it's ready.

Always thought Marty was a he :o

looks like an interesting update :)

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