@mblain Are you having fun in Drug Wars?

in drugwars •  last month  (edited)

I am having so much fun.

After your failed attempt to hit me five times in a row in Drug Wars, resulting in your entire army being wiped out, I have been hitting you every single day and I will continue to do so. I promised you that your Drug Wars playing days were over.

Well, @mblain I am a man of my word and every single day your meagre units are being wiped out by hobos and Rowdies.


And when I sent a spy and wiped out your hobos (you shouldn't be buying those you fucking moron):


52 bouncers, torn up like paper:


You really are fucking pathetic. And while I wrote this, I noticed you bought more units again after you sent a spy to me. Consider your new units DEAD. Damn, that Big Mama must have been expensive for you.


Let this be a lesson to you, you asked for this. You made this happen. You really should just give up playing this game, you'll never play ever again. I am not going to stop. Every day, at least once, you should expect me. I might tire of you eventually, for now, my vengeance is strong.

Oh, and after I posted this, little cuck himself suicides 16 Rowdies, which are not going to do shit whatsoever. He is so cucked, now he just sends his units straight into the shredder, doing my work for me, like the good little dog he/she is.


Your silence makes you a coward. I am surprised you haven't said anything, what do you have to lose really? You've already lost everything.

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Getting hard on smashing a minnow :)?

  ·  last month (edited)

It's not about what Steem class a person is (Minnow or not), it's the principle of them attempting to attack me repeatedly over and over again. This is retaliation for their desperate attempt to attack me, even when I had no resources to steal. This is what @mblain gets.

All he had to do was attack me once and move on, but he tried and tried, eventually he learned the hard way and trust me, I tried warning him. I told him if he kept trying his army would be wiped out, he killed his own army.

It's a similar story for a couple of other players in this game who also did the same. If people are going to play stupid games, they will win stupid prizes. Unlike mblain, those other players didn't repeatedly try their luck and attempt to attack.

P.S. I have a raging boner right now.



This story was more interesting than the "reveal" of the Pantheon's purpose by DrugWars.

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Thanks for making my day by posting this. This story really made me laugh.

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