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Check my latest fight ! undefined vs undefined

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Hello @madstacks

You requested your Magic Dice details.

You were referred to Magic Dice by None and have 2 referrals.
You are currently delegating 0 Steem Power.

You have placed 1,938 bets with a 49.12% win rate.

You have wagered 15,022.150000 STEEM and 7.000000 SBD.
You have won 13,372.330000 STEEM and 1.033000 SBD.
Your profit is -1,649.820000 STEEM and -5.967000 SBD.

You received 1,460.655642 STEEM and 0.011896 SBD in referral bonuses.
You received 220.983282 STEEM and 1.280571 SBD in dividends.

Your absolute profit/loss is: -1,428.837000 STEEM and -4.686000 SBD

You have acquired 2,220,390.797798 Magic Tokens.
Your spent per 1M Magic Tokens: 743.031000 STEEM and 2.687000 SBD.

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