Check my latest fight ! dearw vs kennybot

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You see how it started out.

I went to visit @dearw who is known by everyone in the land as one of the sweetest woman in the world. Just the sound of her voice makes men weak in the knees. If perchance she ever smiles at you, it's a sight you will never forget!

I came in formal dress, with beautiful flowers in one hand and a bottle of fine wine in the other. I brought a bodyguard because we all know that these times of @drugwars are dangerous. I knew my bodyguard could lose his life, and I also knew that if @dearw invited me in, I would lose my heart!

She invited me in, as you can see. She was very kind and I was indeed a gentleman. I kept a fairly straight face and tried not to let on that I was enamored by her charms. Or maybe spellbound is a better word. She is captivating in manner and appearance!

What happened next is not for public record. I am, and will remain, a gentleman, and gentlemen don't tell tales.

There was a bit of a dust up between my bodyguard and one of her staff. Both lost their lives, sadly. Did I lose my heart to the beautiful enchanting @dearw? I'll not let on at the moment. Perhaps I'll tell more, another day!


Mi querido K.
It's an interesting story, and I definitely want to see how it goes. You're a talented writer.
Lots of love,

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Mi querido W! :)
Glad you like it so far. I'm random and I never know what I'll think of next, so even I don't know where this might go. But we shall find out, together! Thanks for the compliment and lots of love to you too! <3

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