Check my latest fight ! dearw vs kennybot

in drugwars-fight •  20 days ago

It was so nice to find @dearw at my front door today! Always so sweet when she comes to visit. <3

Sadly, she brought a spy, who seemed like a nice enough guy when I peeped out the window to see who was at the door. But my highly trained team of killers took out the spy right away, before i could request that they merely detain him while I spend some time with @dearw.

@dearw and I had a lovely conversation in both English and Spanish! We shared a delicious meal and drank some fine wine. Ah, it is certainly sweet when @dearw comes to visit! <3


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It was a pleasant evening, I really enjoyed our conversation and I hope to visit you again soon.

:* <3

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El gusto fue mio! La puerta is always open for you, dear sweet W. :* <3

Good one! Makes something fun out of a plain old boring battle post. Pretty good little story you made of it!


Very little story but its a start. Maybe others will pick up this idea. :)

!bookkeeping drugwars


Hi @kennybot!



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