Drugs and Deadlines

in #drugs4 years ago


Before taking LSD and Adderall I had nothing done on this project. I'm awake/alive to say everything turned out very well ;) I can't show exactly what I'm exporting here but it was a 12 hour straight rip through the night.


My bud @squintharvey's mining rig was running next to me - he was kind enough to let me set up here while I'm in his neck of the woods for the week. He passed out around 6 am but what a good homie for staying up with me. Also its not easy to sleep on Adderall so that plays a factor and is the reason why I'm writing this right now instead of sleeping.


@squintharvey is gonna be pissed I posted this mining rig in such disarray. It's a new build still in progress so here is a shot of his real modding capabilities... I'm going to sleep now.