Low budget-homemade Cannabis (just for decoration of course) Part 1

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 100€ Growtent, 200€ Lightning and again 200€ for the exhaust system. Totally wrong! In the following parts I’m going to show you how to build a fully working Growbox with just a little money! 

 After 3 years of growing and at least 6 successful grows I want to tell you some tips and tricks how to grow weed. I began growing in a wooden case and tried growing in a lot of other places. Even my granny’s garden was the home of my plants. In these years I did not only collect a lot of weed but also lots of Information and experience. In this blog I’m going to show you how to build an indoor-lowbudget growsetup. In the first part I present you which type of lighting I would recommend.  

 The Lighting 

  A high-pressure sodium light lets your plant grow extremely fast and extremely big. But they are quite expensive and by treating them wrong they are very dangerous (yes, the pre-owner of my light made a mistake with the cabling a I was shocked lol). But if you just want to grow 2-3 plants there are way cheaper ways. The more expensive way is a Growing CFL. A Dual CFL is the best option, you can use them for vegetative stage and for flowering stage. A dual CFL (125W is enough) with a reflector costs around 60€ and on ebay you can easily get them for 30-40€. People who want to safe more money can buy LED Growlights on Amazon. They do not have a good quality, but they are very cheap (my light was about 20€) and they also work. With my Light I grew 3 Plants and all of them were beautiful! At first, I was a bit sceptic, because I had not heard of anyone growing weed with this light. But after my harvest I was not sceptical anymore, because I had a lot of weed. I would not recommend using these LED tapes. They do not work.

In the next part I show you how I built the box and which electronic parts you need.  


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Drugs and your growing herb? Hahahahahaha I'd have voted except for that... And 6 grows? Sounds like one of my weeks... Think you need way more. You plan on using some pots? Timers? Fertilizers?

And you can pay for quality but do not use hps or mh or cfl lighting as one broken bulb will contaminate your entire garden.

Well let's see pictures!

So you don't think cannabis is a drug?
Yeah 6 grows may be not that much, originally I planned to do this blog just in german because there are no german growing blogs. This was just the first part where i wanted to speak about the lighting. Next part would contain the box and electricity and the following pots, fertilizers or also topping and supercropping. Yeah you could pay for a good light but it is not necessary when you just want to grow one little plant. I think most people are doing a lowbudget grow just as an experiment or are students and just don't want to spend that much money.

Keep growing! And no cannabis isn't a drug! No negative health effects? Have a gym of super healthy people that use Cannabis.

Well if it's safer than aspirin... And helps epileptic kids? Cancer patients? Yeah that's called the healing plant of the world.

So grow it but respect it.

Blaze it!

Yeah you are right!
Sadly it is still illegal in Austria (i live in Austria). A friend of mine had to pay about 200€ just because he had 1 J in his pocket.

No fun! That sucks for sure!

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