The two faces the drug trafficking: money and death

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This article tells how the business of cocaine has caused too many deaths and financed many wars.
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Increase the demand for psicoactive drugs in 1970

The use of the coca leaf, the marijuana and other plants, had been the lifestyle of indigenous people throughout from South America communities, the demand for psychoactive drugs increases the production and processing of cocaine in the 1970s, in which they were involved politicans and officials from government. the drug cartels were formed in certain areas of the country expanding its domain of drug trafficking routes exported to Mexico, Europe, and mainly united states

The man who did kneel down an entire country.

Perhaps the best drug lord Pablo Escobar is Known, the richest drug kingpin in history, with a net value of $ 30billones peak, Pablo Escobar was the leader of the Medellin cartel, one of the largest organization of cocaine in the history. Escobar managed to send more than 80 tons of cocaine to the US per month. Paul was shot and killed in 1993 on the roof of an apartment in Medellin.

some facts about the absurd wealth of Pablo Escobar

*Escobar's wealth became a problem not being able to launder their money fast enough. So he resorted to hide it farmland, dilapidated warehouses and on the walls of the houses of the cartel members, according to Roberto Escobar, brother of the capo, in his book History of the counter: A look at the violent world of the cartel Medellin.
who so Escobar lost about 2.1 billion dollars a month due to factors such as rats and mold

  • spending $ 2,500 a month on tape to collect and stack your money
  • Pablo Escobar's son, Juan Pablo, who changed his name to Sebastian Marroquin, said in an interview that at some point the family had to hide in the mountains. However, they had no provisions and the cold seeped them. Suddenly, hypothermia began to wreak havoc on Manuela, daughter of Escobar. in the shelter all they had were two sacks with 2 million, so the narco decided to make a fire with them to prevent died her daughter
    *In 1991, Escobar was imprisoned, but not in any prison, in "The Cathedral", i designed the same. In an agreement with the Colombian government, they allowed to Escobar select who share the cell space and who would work with him in the "prison". Plus it could continue to operate its cartel from ther, and they let visitors
    *Sebastian Marroquin, son of Pablo Escobar today is an architect, designer and lecturer and currently lives in Argentina, but his head to the 14 years, i had the price 4 million dollars.

The dark side of drug trafficking

Pablo Escobar bought the consciences of military, police, politicians, businessmen, judges, prosecutors and journalists, but also ended the lives of dozens of them. plunged the country in the 80s into chaos and barbarism.

Colombia is the world's largest supplier of cocaine and produces at least 300 metric tons per year, or 66% of total production. Annually produces approximately 6 metric tons of heroin. Colombia currently grown on 122,500 hectares of coca and 7,500 hectares of opium poppy 5,000 hectares of cannabis. cultivation, production and trafficking employ approximately 200,000 people and generate an estimated 2.200 million annual income. One of the major markets for cocaine is the United States, while cannabis is especially sold in domestic and European markets.

The traces of the worst plague that has had Colombia are not only in the body and the existence of victims of the dark years of the Medellin cartel. More than 46 million people today are directly or indirectly marked by a criminal phenomenon that left nearly 20,000 victims, more than 10,000 million USD in its eradication in the last three decades, and a difficult global stigmatization to colombia.

Drug trafficking created prototypes of life, strengthened the guerrillas , fed the paramilitaries, begot a murder for hire model 'export' implanted in the minds of youth the slogan of 'easy money', changed the bodies of women, corrupted politics, alienated most worthy members of the security forces and became the vital fuel the armed conflict.

The absurd result of drug wars

Victims registered8092394
Victims of armed conflict7809143
direct victims of enforced disappearance, murder, dead, and not active for attention1591271