Drug dealers in the hood vs dealers in the suburbs

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Im starting this topic just because I find it funny to compare the two. Alright let me start with my background. Im currrently 17 years old, been experimenting with drugs since I was like 11 or 12, so ive got a good idea of what the dealers around me are like. I live in the suburbs of phoenix az. I havnt met a single dealer who is really with the shit they talk. They just run around and talk like they're the biggest plug around and they make millions and to come test their "gangsta". These plugs post on their snapchat story saying shit like "hmu for tree or birds" (tree beinf weed and birds beinf cocaine). Back in the bad days of my drug use i would rob dealers ans thought it was the funniest thinf ever to rob a dealer who thinks hes hard as fuck. First time robbing a dealer i was 15 and ran up on his car put a glock (my dads glock) to his head and told him to give me everything. Keep in mind this dealer would post on his snapchat story saying hes got shooters and literally said, and i quote this from him, "if you think im a walking lick, com test me". (Lick basically is hood term for robbery). So my young, dumbass decided to test him lol. Put the gun to his head the terror in his eyes was the funniest thing to me. Literally didnt even text me after or anything, just blocked me haha. If i had lived in the "hood" i would not be out robbing dealers because 99% of them in the hood have the balls to put a bullet in you for disrespecting them like that. Also, the subsurbs we dont got dealers who stand on the block, these guys drive their mommys corolla and meet you in parking lots almost as if they were trying to make it sketchy. They also dont even know how to hand off drugs and money. Ya know, the quicm hand to hand transaction where you cuff hands and pass the money to the dealer and the drugs to the buyer.... Every time i would try this with a dealer around my area if would be the most awkward thing. These guys would just walk up with a big bag or weed and hand jt off as if you were selling a fucking phone or something. This got so fuckinf annoying i finally decided, alright, ill change this and start selling on my own. So i sold a bike ans picked up a couple ounces of weed. Didnt carry a gun because its not needed in my area since the kids round here are pussys. Ironically i got robbed 1 time actually which was about a week into me selling. It was abour 300$ worth. Just to show you how big of pussys these "robbers" are heres how the story went. We met up and i was on foot so i hopped in his truck, he then asked for the dope, i put it in my lap and said show the money, he whipped out a good chunk of cash so i handed him the dope, then he gets to counting the money and says it not enough, he then reaches straivht for his waist band and i knew exactly what was going to happen. He pushed the dope onto the floorboard in front of him by the pedals. He pulls the gun, cocks it back and puts it on my forehead, i sais "youre really robbing me?" He said "get the fuck out of my car" i said again "youre really robbing me" then he pushes the gun a little harder into mt forehead and tries making an "intimdating" face. I just chuckled at him and said "ill get your pussy ass back you fucking bum" then proceeded to say "shoot me" multiple times. Kid didnr even pistol whip me or nothin, just sat there with the gun to my head, his finger was on the trigger and he was shaking so i wasnt going to cause a struggle and have a shor accidentally go off into me or him, so i just got out slowly and winked at him lmao. Just thought this was a funny story, feel free to comment some similar stories. Also please checkout my topic on bullying, really wanna hear some of your opinions on that.