Prohibitionists and other nasty diseases

in #drugs4 years ago

You might suspect I hate prohibition. And you would be right.

Do I want to abuse all manner of drugs without the risk of being "legally" destroyed for doing so? Not exactly. Although, if I ever find myself in the position where a doctor is scared to prescribe me the pain relief I need due to "laws" which could end his career if he gives me what I need, you'd better believe I will want all the drugs I can get, "legally" or otherwise. And if I can get them, I will, with a perfectly clear conscience. Drug use is not wrong, even though drug abuse is often dumb.

However, prohibition isn't just about drugs. It is about some bully telling you what you are allowed (or forbidden) to do with your own life.

Prohibition is one of the most evil acts governments commit. And every act of government is evil at some level, so there is quite a competition for the bottom.

Guns are another popular target for prohibitionist pecksniffs. And again, it is people bullying you "for your own good"... and I hate that kind of person. No matter what they want to prohibit.

Governments- through those vile bullies- also enact prohibition against knives, self expression, information, sex, travel, and anything else they believe they can get away with. They are never right to do so, because prohibition is people control, nothing else. And as such, I despise it in all its forms.

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