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As happens with almost every aspect of Marijuana, there is little clarity and much discussion about the origin of the word itself:

In theory #1, the term Marijuana derives from náhuatl "malli", refering to a herb that entwines or a herb for knitting, and "huana", a word refering to drunkness and other mental and bodily alterarions.

Theory # 2 states that Marijuana comes straight from the Arabic language: marwana means brave or tough. This word would've been spread in the Spanish language through the members of the military, which is the realm where hash was widespread back in the time of the American Colony.

Another one, theory #3 claims that Marijuana comes from Portuguese term maran guango, a spell that is drunk to intoxicate, brough also in times of the Colony by African slaves.

Other possibilities state that it is a derivation of the proper name María Juana, refering to a common prostitute, thus making reference to immediate and short lived satisfaction.

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Like I said... it's a tricky subject.

Users or not, we have all wondered just how good or how bad Marijuana can really be and, for me at least, there is no amount of information out there that can provide the right answer.

I have tried it myself. All I can say about the effects is that I do not enjoy them. But of course, as you may know, most of the time it's not the drug but the user. Two very different people can smoke the same amount of Cannabis in the same social situation, one may become depressed and the other one might laugh himself into tears. Not everyone has the same levels of tolerance, self acceptance, aloofness or rightgeouness to begin with.

I ask myself this question constantly, because I have acquaintainces who use this drug either occasionally or constantly. Also, I have to make peace with the possibility that one day my son will use it, too, and I must have something to say about it.

So, is it good to use it? I don't know, is it good to drink coffee?


Among all the drugs available -and they are legion-, of course marijuana is the lesser evil, closely followed by 'shrooms. They are the natural drugs, not man made, and supposedly have been in use for millennia without there having been a noticeable decadence or destruction of society (old timers are always complaining about one thing or the other found in new generations, it's just hate talk in the end).

Are drugs medicine? I believe they are, and no sane person would be gulping down on peptobismol unless they had a serious ailment. I doubt, though, that every teenager out there smoking from a bong is doing it for the sake of his health, to relieve tension or to relax. That teenagers are currently needing help to relax is actually a terrible statement about their parents and about our society in general.

As a matter of fact, Alan Watts himself stated in his autobiography In my Own Way that we wished to take up gardening as he grew old, including caring for a huge barn filled with herbs and psychedelics. This is not something I wish for myself, but it is proof that very well adjusted people can have a knack for zooming out of this plane every now and then without turning into lesser humans.

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Incidentally, the word drug comes from old arabic "hatrúka", refering to old herbal medicines and other unvaluable trinkets. In old Spanish, someone who does "aladrogas" is someone who is constantly doing stupid sh*t.

And that brings me to my point: They have the right. Everyone has the right to do drugs, even my son will have that right once he is old enough to make informed choices. Conversely, everyone has the duty to not nag or critize drug users and abusers unless they receive actual harm from them or are asked for their opinion. I don't believe drugs are a public health issue, I believe they are a family issue. If anything, lack of familiar bonds IS the issue.

Humans are bound to seek new limits to destroy; there are so few physical ones anymore, and it gets harder and harder to step out of confortable couches and chairs to actually try and enjoy the real world. The new limit is inside the brain, and poor little gray matter is getting pummeled. He can take it though, most of the time. But for how long? And to what purpose are we whaking it?

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Maybe that is the answer, the final answer: purpose. Why is always a more interesting question than what. Why do you take a sip of something alcoholic every night? Why do you binge on coffee every morning? Why do you drink tea at dusk and why do you eat sweets after lunch? Why do you work 9 to 5 instead of nights?

If your answer is: because I can't help myself, it's time to draw a line.

Why, we humans are a nut case, sometimes. But we are lovable all the same.

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Interesting post brother... I am very into drugs, their history, and the war on them... Chuck us a follow to stay up to date with my posts on this :)

Thanks for commenting! Why are you so into drugs? I'm into them in theory, not so much in practice. I must say I'm kinda squeemish.

From what you have already mentioned, I would add human curiosity. Not everything has a deep psychological or social background. We just like to explain it this way. It's also a learned way of exchanging thoughts and views: to fathom why. Personally, it has so captured me that I have turned it into a profession. But for some time now I have also been agreeing with those who give less importance to the "why" than to the "what do I actually want from life?

I hear a little of Gabor Maté, who has dealt very intensively with the subject of drugs and who, in my opinion, suffers a little too much. Whereby he is certainly a brilliant doctor and information provider. But I think he's long since out of old age, where he still tells his past in such a decorative way. Cannabis is harmless in my eyes, much more harmless than alcohol, for example. Which certainly has something to do with the fact that the latter causes greater damage in my immediate environment and releases aggression. That's why I'm very much in agreement with you: Everyone knows best for himself what can be dangerous for him personally and what not. Not only do the same substances and quantities work differently as you say, but also the daily form, mind, environment and the kind of company and vibration that others produce when you take something.

The best thing you can do is to give sufficient and correct information. With children, it is hoped that their first experiences will take place in the presence of reasonably clear and self-confident people who are there for each other. Whether one has instilled sufficient reservations and caution in one's own child will only become apparent when one has lost control.

When I was younger I was really very curious and I was looking forward to some new experiences. I was never afraid and maybe that's why I was spared a horror trip. Except for one episode, which I found quite frightening, but which I think clearly about afterwards. It didn't hurt me and everyone has a right to try it. You can't really talk to children if you don't have at least one experience that's about the same as what they're going to try. But of course we were also sufficiently informed about very dangerous and quickly addictive drugs. That helped me, I had a great respect for heroin and would never have accepted anything on offer. An enlightening film was enough, I think it was called "Life of Christiane F.".

I had a funny incident when once, after I had taken something, I went to the ladies' toilet, sat down there and consciously wanted to have black thoughts. That didn't work at all, because I had to laugh at myself and this absurd move of mine to produce a horror trip on purpose:). Since I had heard so much about it, I wanted to test myself.

The only thing that remains is to keep enough trust in the child's self-acceptance and self-love. Everything else, mistrust and boundless fear is poison.

Your word-origin definitions are always great fun for me and I therefore thank you for this research and enlightenment as well as inspiration for the answer.

Your comment is very inspiring. I am too used to an environment of repression and fear when it comes to substances, legal or not, and their effect on the body. I'm curious but also fearful of many things, and I tend to feel guilty to the point of poisoning my own head against myself whenever I feel I have done something wrong... So it feels good to read your point of view, because it's light and funloving. I guess when one is trying something, that is the right attitude.

By the way, have already downloaded previews of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance and the Discovery of Slowness. At the moment I'm reading a history book called If Walls Could Talk, a private history of the home. As soon as I'm done I'll check those two :)

Yes, the inner attitude always gives direction, I agree.

Oh, you still remember the book recommendations:) The book sounds interesting, a private history of home. I can imagine one could read a lot going through peoples homes.

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