How Drug Sentences Vary By Race

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California just passed ( *correction Advanced a law not Passed ) a law to finally do something about huge discrepancies in drug sentences by race. This is a story that has been covered for quite some time. However several people may not understand how something like this is even possible.

California State Senate advances Bill to Repeal Mandatory Sentencing For Some Drug Convictions

Even though whites are more likely to have tried more types of drugs, blacks are the ones who get sentenced. This happens because police target low income communities that tend to be more concentrated with blacks, than with whites. So the drug arrests the police are making, happen in those communities.

Much of this kind of policing was uncovered with separate DOJ investigations, into Ferguson and Baltimore.

In both investigations evidence showed that police tend to target low income communities. Being sent to jail is expensive, and so is hiring a proper defense. People living in low income communities aren't able to fight the 'justice' system.

So even if they don't deserve the long drug sentences, they'll get them. While other ethnic groups will escape having to experience this setback, as they are not being targeted by the police. With the new administration already calling for even tougher sentencing already, hopes of police and justice system reform have been dashed.

This move in California presents a hopeful moment.

However, if nothing is done to change who the police are targeting we shouldn't really expect a judge in a courtroom to make a difference. Most judges are just trying to move cases off their docket. They're not looking at the race of the person in their courtrooms. Oftentimes, they're not even challenging whether or not a case should be in front of them.

The only way to stop these kinds of things from happening is through police reform. But I'm not to optimistic that'll happen anytime soon. Especially since we live in a society with so many people who push back.

In spite of all the evidence shown to them that there is a problem, they will suggest those are just lies. They'll suggest that something should be done about the criminals, while fighting everything that is ever brought up to 'do' anything about criminals. Crime is linked to poverty.

However we're not even discussing Crime 'in general' but the Very Specific use of Drugs.

If whites are using More drugs than blacks are, then why are blacks doing more time in Jail for drug offenses? Those who say Police aren't targeting minority communities are the roadblock to progress. They don't want to see reform to the police departments, in spite of all the evidence we see of the harm being done. If anyone truly wants to make the nation a better place, the first thing we can all do is tune out the people with an agenda to keep things the way they've always been.

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"There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics."

So the Police are "Targeting" certain groups by race. Does this mean that the people they are targeting are innocent of the crimes they stand accused of?

It's a fair question.

Photo Credit: Grape Street Crips

If the Police are "Targeting" people by race alone, perhaps we should shift police resources to focus on the Non-Targeted segments of society. perhaps they are guilty of many crimes that have been unreported and undiscovered?

Photo Credit: Unknown Youth Gang

Perhaps the criminal culture in these non-targeted neighborhoods is so ingrained in these people, generation, after generation, that everyone just fails to report crimes to the police out of fear.

Does anyone believe this?

I always find these reports to be ridiculous, as the authors of these studies are worried more about the long sentences of the criminals than the people they are victimizing.

These studies are all about lobbying to reduce sentences for the guilty and perhaps as a basis for civil rights lawsuits that will enrich certain people and organizations.

Real Justice is removing all criminal elements from society, so good people can go about their lives in peace, to pursue their version of happiness. Long prison sentences do this effectively.


Trying to convince an Athiest to believe in Jesus is always impossible. No 'evidence' shown to an athiest will suddenly make them give credit to Jesus. Trying to convince a devout Christian that there is no Jesus is always impossible. They have already decided that no matter what is presented to them, Jesus lived and walked the earth. All attempts to say otherwise, are not to be believed. Sadly this tends to be the case with these conversations on the Police and 'targeting certain racial groups' by going to 'certain low income communities' where 'certain issues are sure to be happening'; while avoiding other areas where the same things are happening, because the people in those communities have the means to fight back. It would actually be a waste of their time, with the way the legal system is set up. However, there is heaps of evidence to support the fact, that police have been targeting certain racial groups ever since their inception. However, some people will choose to ignore all of that evidence. We all have choice. That's freedom. Thanks for stopping by.

oh Wow Thank you for sharing :) I don't live in California but I am now wondering if it is like that across the States :)