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RE: This Shouldn't Be Ambiguous ... Should It?

Whoa! I am so proud of you for taking on this controversial and difficult topic and also for taking the time to do all this research with unbiased facts in order to share it and bring it out into the open.

It truly is a strange time and there are some very difficult points to this that very few talk about and that is organ harvesting. There I said it. Not pretty but it is happening. Okay that is about all I can say as it really upsets me to think about.

I was happy to see in polls that the majority of Americans from every political affiliation, feel this is way over the line. However, it is a very heated topic generally and so not enough people speaking up.

Truly a great post, @monchhichi23 Should have been a curie!


Thank you doll!! I really appreciate that... and yes I didn't even get into the big business of organ harvesting that's happening under everyone's noses. This all just makes me sick... I understand completely.

I feel like we are living on another planet where savages rule the world. It seems like the problems that used to be found in small towns are spreading everywhere now.

It's funny that the majority of Americans are against this and yet there's not enough people speaking up... Americans are usually loud and in your face.

Love you Wings. 🖤