Buddy Up. Word of the Week. Criticism.

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Howdy folks'.

The word this week from the Buddy Up community is Criticism.

Each week a word is chosen by the community and suggested as a post to write about, There is no condition to what you write other than it must incorporate the word of the week into the post. As the content the reason why or other. There is no right or wrong type post.
You are welcome to come join us and discuss the posts made for the week.
This show takes place in the buddy Up server.
at 8 PM UK time (7 PM UTC) each Monday.

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What a word to write about eh?
The easiest thing in the world to do. Criticise. There is nothing to it at all, Listen, find an opposing thought and shout it out. Easy as cutting through hot apple pie.

Criticism can be a positive thing if given constructively. It can be used as a great tool in brain storming. It is more often used to put someone down or degrade an idea.Telling why things cannot be done instead of examining alternatives to make something work.

I think we need to change how we have been customised to think. This coming form a criticising little ba,,, did you finish that word? If so I know what you think of me now :P

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Instead of criticising we should try find a reason to compliment the things we hear. Find the reason to make someone smile and not frown.

It can be so easy to find something to say against almost anything said to you. Even when not in agreement with another. It does not mean we need to be opposing. Just maybe, on an individual basis we need to look into our self. Find a reason that something we might oppose can benefit it us.

In the end.
This post criticises writing about criticism.

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