Buddy Up. Word of the week. Compromise.

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Howdy folks'.

Buddy Up word of the week is back after the holidays. the word this week is compromise. A show is held in the Buddy Up server on Monday 8 PM UTC. Everyone is welcome to write a post and discuss it in the show on the discord server.

The show generally lasts for one hour and opinions are shared from various point of view about the same topic. I might start a campaign to have that time changed to 7 PM UTC * 8 PM UK time. I will bring this up at the show lol. Unless this is a greater inconvenience to others.
So compromise what is it?

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Let's try breaking this word down a bit. Comp, so its definitely something to do with computers. Everyone uses comp as a short for computer. Romise, WTF? oh is rom something to do with memory on a computer? (don't answer that) this just leaves the ise. This post is turning out easier than I first thought. I will be done in no time. Let's see, hmm, Ise. Oh I see. So compromise means Computer memory we can see.

That doesn't sound too convincing, I might have to look up what this word means.

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Compromise. Take II.

Many words beginning with com might be derived from the word common. Community from two words coming together a Common Unity. Working for the same goal by a varied group of individuals. If we do the same thing with compromise, we have a Common Promise. An agreement of how something should be, will be, or is. For this to happen all parties must gain in some manner. How this portion of reward is measured presently and in 2 years time can have a great variance in opinion. This is why a common promise is made.

With this promise there is generally a sacrifice made, Ideally ll parties would sacrifice something so the objective can be achieved. If building a village. Some may want a big bar with pool table and darts, a dance floor duke-box and a stage for live acts. Sorry, we are not all drinkers and party goers. You can have a horseshoe bar.

Others may want a big cathedral with a big spire and a brand new bell, that can ring out when a sermon is about to start. Two wings to the side of the building. Decorated with new commissions of art to represent historic events. Sorry we are not all religious or of the same religion, you can have a church the same as any other religion.

In accepting less we can all get something that is seen as beneficial to the individual. Agreeing that we will not exceed the boundaries we set is the compromise. The common promise provide for the community and not an individual. Were each individual may gain from the process involved in the compromise.

In an ideal world one side one not be seeking to gain control over another. But we live on Earth.

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LOL!!! I'm so glad you looked the word up...but I enjoyed your definition.

Compromise ... such an effective tool if used more! Like.... if I had a Twirley-Whirley and you had a Twirley-Whirley then I'd have two Twirley-Whirleys.... right?

  ·  last month (edited)

Curly Wurly lol

Yup sometimes we have to be careful how we break down the word.