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RE: This Shouldn't Be Ambiguous ... Should It?

I agree.

There should be no ambiguity in a law on this topic, no matter what your overall stand on abortion is.

There should be a clearly understood cut off point. The unborn child’s status should be clearly stated and they should also have a certain level of protection, even if that is only regarding who has a determining factor in the decision making of a termination taking place. I know in Great Britain it is two registered medical practitioners who have to agree.

Ireland had a referendum last year on abortion and now allow termination to take place in the first trimester (12 weeks) and only later if their is a risk to the pregnant woman’s health, or the foetus faces fatal abnormalities.


The law is already written that states after 24 weeks and abortion is illegal unless its a risk to the mother's life. I thought that was already pretty cut and dry.

I guess New York just wasn't happy with that.

12 weeks sounds much better to me.

I was nervous writing about this. I just don't understand how some people think this is okay.

I can understand your reservation. There are many topics that have been taken and used as battlegrounds. This is, unfortunately, one of them. But it needs to be talked about maturely, where both sides are listened to and a sensible resolution is found.

This post is a good start to this. Hopefully any comments that follow will keep to a line of discourse that shares opinion but does not attack. I find it very worrying that our society at large appears to be so poor at this.

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