My dogs better than yours.

in #dropintheocean6 years ago (edited)

She likes to sleep a lot.

Check out the doggy

I totally forgot that my dog, Mollie, was coming to stay with us for a week starting today. I'm well chuffed because it means I get to show you some pictures of her for the topic of the week and slide right past talking in depth about love.

In true Instagram love fashion.

In her natural pose.

Looking out the window like @dreemsteem.

So if you haven't already gathered...

I'm super happy to have Mollie with us for a week. We have to bathe her until Thursday because she's got some weird skin thing but that's alright because the fun ensues as soon as she runs out the bath, down the stairs, and straight on top of the beanbag.

I love this dog, she's the best.


Petting dogs is proven to lower blood pressure of dog owners.

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oh my gosh - i'm dying laughing!!!!!!!!!!!

staring out the window!!!! she knows!!!! SHE KNOWS!!!! HAHAHAHA

She knows too much 😆

hahahahaha one can never know too much ;)

Tell that to this guy!

hahahahahaha so gross - i remember that movie! what a weird one - and their eyes were so freaky!!!!!!!! i didn't like how they moved either! creepsters!

Awww... That is just the cutest dog 🐶😍 so beautiful and love her expressions... Lol
The gif is great.. She seem snuggling!

She's a cutie! You should see her slide across the laminate flooring trying to get herself dry, that's hilarious 😅

Awwww you and Tim Ferriss both have dogs named Mollie, he just spells his Molly.

You’re channeling him. World domination starts now!


Aww he missed a trick! Mollie is a much better spelling ;)

Small steps at a time and hopefully one day I'll meet Ferris and gain all the secrets!

Your house is so clean. jeez. Good thing the doggy there she can mess it up a bit. Gotta love her for that.

Haha! It's average on the tidy scale.

It's good vibes mate, nice to have her with us for a bit

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