Drop Dead Diva S03E08

in #dropdeaddiva4 years ago

After agreeing to represent a college student who has accused the school's star quarterback of rape, Jane (Brooke Elliott) suspects that loyal alumnus Grayson (Jackson Hurst) is trying to undermine her case. Meanwhile, Kim's (Kate Levering) argumentative sister (guest star Kathy Griffin) seeks her help with a divorce.

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Why do you upload content you have no rights to on this platform. DTube is not a platform for that. Don´t be the bad actor on the platform.

why is that your problem, if you don't like the content move on or go to youtube where they don't allow it. DTube does. I will continue to upload the content until the DTube developers tell me its not okay, not just some random person who can't clearly speak proper english!

If you do go to their propfile they are against the copyrighted material. The fact that my English is not my first language does not devaluate the points I have given. I was not rude to you. I was doing a public servise to the community which I love. But you started with being rude. If you would make your own content that you have the rights to. I would gladly give it a read or watch. But the content you have 0 rights to. This is bad for our community. You will get downvoted once with someone with much much more voting power than me. This community is not about posting copyrighted material. Literally it never ever gets supported. It is about you, us. Not the content no one has rights to.

I don't care to get down voted, the content is up for people to view it who wishes to view it and not having to pay to watch it. You act like you never watch copyrighted videos online, like the new movies that are in the movies...You can keep down voting me all you like, I will continue to upload the content until the developer of this server tells me to no post it to the server. Good day sir!

One thing is to upload that contnet on the site dedicated just for that and if the whole site goes down it goes down because they were uplaoding copyrighted material. This platform is not for that. The platform is not for you to post copyrighted material. It literally means nothing for you when it comes to the income. Just the people like you who do post content for which they have no rights to, do put the shade on this whole entire community that is not needed. And if someone wants to watch pirated movies I doubt that they do think of going to DTube but to sites that they know that are build for copyrighted material. You will catch that DTube downvote sooner or later and learn the leasson.

Thats fine by me, I will continue doing what I am doing. Good day!

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