Alice sculpture - two more views


Here are two photos of the Alice library sculpture, taken before its installation in front of the West branch of the public library in Joliet, Illinois.

The text on the book says, "The only thing I knew for sure was that nothing stays the same, and whatever was coming next, I'd be ready. Maybe."

from the novel All but Alice
by author of literature for young people Phyllis Reynolds Naylor, originally from Joliet

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I admire his art.

Always take pictures with a black background to his works?

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Thank you kindly for your support. The black background is there because the piece was not yet installed in front of the public library. It is currently outside (see previous post).

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This really is such an amazing piece. It must be wonderful to see your pieces in 3d!

Thank you, @donnadavisart, sculpture is so interesting and such a great drawing exercise. Drawing in 3d.

Very beautiful statue, @kathleenscarboro ! I think it captures the titular character perfectly <3 Love the pose and the idea and the passage upon the chosen page is wonderful <3

Thank you for your encouraging message @veryspider. Always appreciate.

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