This is my first official entry on the Photostreem blog! I really don't know whats is going on on steem, Hive en the blockchain right now! So much information about takeovers and hard forks and stuff. I am just a n00b photographer here!
But when i looked at the tags that i could use on here there was one missing! Drone photography (or i am not looking at it good enough) so lets start him!

What things you can do whit a drone!
Birds eye view is the thing we do most of the time, the key is to go out when the light is the best! That's during one hour before sunrise till one hour after and also around sunset, one hour before and one after. That's called the golden hour in photography! Like this sunset shot of the pier of Scheveningen in the Netherlands!


Or this picture i took of the longes bridge in the Netherlands, the Zeelandbrug, 5 kilometers long!

Hulp foto 1.jpg

Birds often look down so you don't see the sky, that's often cool if you have shadows like this one!

Shadow trees.jpg

But i really like towp-down shots. Its like google maps bat way better! The negative site is that most of the objects are to big, then i take multiple shots and make them in to a panorama! Like this maze in the netherlands. I took this last autumn, i so love those autumn collors.

doolhof Ruurlo.jpg

Top-down also works pretty good these time of days at the tulip fields! The colors are amazing right now.


i am trying t be original with my shots, so i bought some umbrella's! Whits one do you like the most? Purple ore rainbow?



I am using a DJI Mavic 2 Pro. There is a 1” CMOS sensor with 20 million Effective Pixels in it! Its a beest!
So tell me, are you goning to buy a drone now?

Thanks for reading it!

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