Cow's meadow

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Ciucas Mountains closeup

The weather is still nice enough to get up on your bike and ride the mountains a little. So today I took a little time to do just that.

I'm used to this short but intense work out on the road to "Gropșoare", also know as "Cow's Meadow" (wonder why I never saw any cow on it). Even though I didn't take my bike for a ride for some time now, I enjoyed the difficulty of this circuit. I feel it like some kind of "physical exorcism", that first half an hour when you only go up, steady, for about 5-6 kilometres. At the end of this climb, you will find this immense meadow, hidden beneath a rocky mountain, surrounded by thick forests of different kind of trees.

As I'm getting close to another flight (this time to London), I'm starting to have mixed feelings about it because of my flying anxiety. Today I calmed it down by taking my drone for a spin, raising it high in the air, close to the Eagles' nest, without any fear of interception.

Ciucas Mountains selfie

Just as I've been climbing with my bike on the gravel road that leads to this place, the Sun came out from the clouds. It was high noon. How the Hell do I always manage to get to a shooting place when it's the worse time to be there? I really don't know. As the camera of the Mavic is not the best one for taking pictures, the burning of some shots occurred and more than that, the quality of what came out when being high in the sky, facing the mountains, was way less than expected.

These mountains are more or less on the East, so I guess that the best moment for taking "their portrait" would be in the morning, with the Sun behind them. I wouldn't really know because I'm a lazy prick who can't get up so early in the morning.

Ciucas Mountains the burnt and the fresh

Bringing back the drone from the mountain (I already flew more than 1 kilometre outwards from my position) revealed an interesting contrast between the two types of forest. With the gravel road that I used in order to get here, in between, the green of the pines and the fullness of the forest it formed, contrasted hard with the brownish colour of the hardwood forest. Some of us are living through the winter, while others have to cycle again in order to be reborn in the spring.

One of the best feelings I get on the bike is the short run back from "Cow's Meadow". That gravel road, with its perfect inclination, makes for one of the easiest mountain biking descents I ever encountered. Not to steep and not to slow, just good enough to keep you in that tense position and to make you flex those muscles. At this point, I was cold already. My t-shirt was wet because of the climb from before and taking the cool air in while descending with 20-25 km/h was drying the thing out very fast. After all, we are in November and beneath the canopy, the temperature drops with a few good degrees.

Ciucas Mountains the stream

The stream that is running parallel to the gravel road is crossing it in 2-3 points. The bicycle wheel wouldn't miss the opportunity to splash a few more water drops on my t-shirt so I had to take my biking jacket on. Couldn't really complain. The feeling was fresh and nice but I only think about the possibility of getting a bad pneumony or something when I feel this kind of coolness and I try to avoid it. Though it feels sooooo good.

Funny thing on the way back: I almost got killed by an idiot probably texting and driving, managing to avoid me in the last second. I think that if I wouldn't have contributed to the manoeuvre I would've been hit pretty good.
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