Wat Chalong Temple at Night - Drone Photography

in #drone6 years ago


All people would love to fly... But we cant..:( We need airplanes and other machines to bring us to air. We who dont have enough money to buy airplane, we can buy a drone. I get my drone just yesterday and im still learning how to nicely manipulate with drone at air. Today i was fly over Wat Chalong Temple at night to take some nice night shoots.




The second shot looks like a real UFO. LOL You should post this photo in some UFO enthusiasts forum just to see their reactions. ;-)

yes i think same when i make it..:)

stunning and beautiful photo with the drone.

Wow... it’s amazing capture ... lights creats a different looks...

Tyhle drony, to je věc. Člověk se podívá i na to, co by normálně neviděl ;-)

Muzu jen souhlasit, dost mne to bavi..:)

beautiful photo

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