Drone will determine the condition of people during the disaster.

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A group of researchers from the University of South Australia discovered a drone capable of measuring breathing and heart rate from a distance. And this research team led by Javan rice.

Regarding this drone, he said, at a disaster moment, you must emphasize that those who are alive, who have died and who are being killed, are on these issues. In the event of these difficulties, the drone will be able to determine the general condition of the human by mapping the drone.

Rice also said that this same software can recognize the face, measure heart rate and it can be done for one hundred thousand people every day. It is aimed at the use of humanitarian crisis, he said.

Rice also said that the drone could show a person's spindle using a camera, and a bit of a millimeter for each bit could show. According to him, the drone capable of measuring the heart rate from 60 meters away will also help during humanitarian crisis.


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