Release the Drones version 2.0

in drone •  last month

Winter is coming... so release the drones for some leaf-changing #dronephotography


d1 go.png

d3 go.png

Colours changing, winter is coming!

d2 go.png

yellow orange, green...

d4 go.png

Enjoy the wild ride of life and please do not harass people with your drones.

Original photos and words...

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awesome drone captured.

is that a farm location? I saw a very beautiful view when taken from the top

thank for a good shared


Thanks for stopping by and glad you like the view! That is a farm where they grow grapes for tasty wine! Cheers


yeah sure, this is indeed extraordinary. in my place it is never have found a wine farm like this


Hello fellow droner. Nobody going to see or hear it way up there! Love all the different colored crop fields.


Hello!! Agreed, up high and out in the countryside is a good place to fly (minding all of the proper restrictions of course). Cheers!

Beautiful shots! Love all those fall colors. Resteemed!


Thanks for the resteem and for stopping by! Glad you like the shots @dronefeed!