Drone images - What do you see?

in drone •  2 months ago

Original drone photography and art. Can you see the vehicle??

Original unfiltered....



ba nd white.png

Original photos and words by @snowyknight.

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That is way up there times two 🌄 @snowyknight!
Number one you look high up on a old volcanic cone
the ring like areas almost look like ancient ruins.
Number two wow the drone is sure high up there!!
Very awesome photograph!!


Thanks @shasta! Your mountainmonday is pretty cool too!

Up, up, up, up. Mountain shadow coolest views. Amazing photos bring us all together.


PS. I like the ring of ancient ruins! Could be!!! hmmmmmm

I do see the vehicle, and what looks like a destroyed move the rocks out ot the way spiral, with a semi destroyed pattern at the center of the spiral.

And the entire lower left third looks like a sad smiley. ;(


I see the sad smiley too! Thanks for pointing out the other cool stuff you see!

How high did you take that thing up? I see the vehicle right at the edge. My favorite is the first image. Thanks for sharing! Resteemed!