DJI Spark Unboxing and Review

in #drone2 years ago

Earlier this week I bought a new DJI Spark drone to take with me on my trip to thailand and this is my unboxing and review.


Great review and welcome to Steemit!

hey thanks a lot!

Good job
I like it ...plz vests send SBD ,steem n follow me @mudatnad
Thks u
Good luck today

goood that what i thought

Thanks for sharing! It is informative indeed :)

I'm glad you're posting your content here in steemit as well!

thanks! just started doing that! Steemit is a cool site!

I love dji drones 😍🛩✈️🚀🛬🛫🚁

Great review. I love the added "Thanks for walking in front of my camera" bonus.

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You are post is ferfect and true. regards for all steemit friends in your citys

Good looking drone... the tech just keeps getting better!

GREAT TO see this video

I don't know much about drones, but this looks like a good small drone. I need one for my upcoming hitchhiking trip. Can you tell mes is this comes with guarantee when you buy it?

you can purchase "refresh" for $99 and they will replace the drone for any reason.

Awesome review. I just recently bough a DJI Osmo Mobile, and love it! Great products.

Very good review, it's a nifty little bit of kit this - the follow me feature is especially ideal for sports and vlogs - perfect for getting incredible footage without needing extra people to do the camera work.

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