Parrot's New Drones is Saving Lives

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Parrot's New Drones Could Save Lives
6 hours ago
joseph72 in life
Parrot's new drones are equipped with real cool and life saving gadgets.
With mother nature sending us hurricanes, typhoons, tornados, and whatever else she has sent us over the last decade, I am extremely happy with this read. The amount of lives I see being saved with this drone is countless.

Of course the drone will be available for anyone I believe, it's mainly for construction, inspection, and public safety workers. And like I mentioned, it's equipped with awesome specs.

It has built in thermal camera which is awesome, period ! But how many stories have you read where a body was found trapped under rubble ? Floods taking over the southwestern states and lives lost due to drowning ? This drone is built to fly over these areas of devastation and pick up heat signals.

Exactly what I said... Awesome !

There is another version of this drone in the works that can save crops. Mainly designed for farmers but equipped with cool specs as well.


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