AWESOME SHOOT - Sardinia - Drone Flight #2

in drone •  9 months ago

Right folks.

Here is the last part of this mini series. I think this one is more cinematic. The wife told me to put music over it with no singing. This is what I have done.

This is a spectactular part of the world, only discovered it through working on board super yachts and being in port and having time between the owner comes on. Definately going to come back with the kids next year. The beaches are excellent, food good and cheap, very laid back life style.

Hope you like it.


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Really nice effects, I like your drone, I might get one like it if I save ;)

I still have one really old Parrot one from 2012, then it was great, now it's a little bit outdated.


I am really enjoying my drone. I feel sunrise is best. The hyperlapse's take a long time.


I'm more a sunset type than sunrise (I like to stay up late and it is not easy for me to wake up so soon).

Great footage, hope to see more from you.

And your photography is prosperous.
I hope everyone like this video
Well done have a good day


Again, thanks

beautiful view with the drone


Thanks for watching, and thanks for commenting. I thought my old videos 4 minutes plus were too long!!

Lovely Shoot. Keep Up The Good Work.

amazing view you got there👍 what drone did you use?

Very beautiful video. This music so interesting , is this some artist music ? Drone videos are really nice , you should have much more views on your youtube account . How to promote youtube channel ?