Drone Photograph contest!

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Drone  photograph contest here on Steemit 

Not my photo link is here. But this is a perfect example of a shot!

I  grew into liking drones as much as I love RC cars my son and I have been building and testing our own quads/racers. We have recently ordered the Mavic pro form DJI wont come in till December. So we ordered the parrot bebop 2, Not getting that one till tomorrow.
Because of this I wanted to create a contest of your drones... But make them look like models. 
1. Post a comment with your DRONE photo.

2. Each photo should come with its own title.

3. Max  three entries 

4. Flying or parked

Make the shot remarkable  use creativity it can be flying or parked as long as it looks neat.
I will run this contest till Sunday the 27th because of thanksgiving. Winners are chosen by the community with votes.  The more votes the better. Resteemed gets you 2 votes.!The winners announcement will be announced the 2nd! 

1st place    225  Steem

2nd place  112  Steem

3rd place   75   Steem

I know the prizes are low but I want to see how it goes after this contest I will get more creative in the challenges maybe include RC and airplanes.. 

Good luck everyone.  

check out my latest two drone flights! 


Here is a photo I took recently from my DJI Mavic Pro.


I would love to see a large drone community build up here on Steemit!

Thank you but the photo needs to be of your drone.

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Awesome thank you! I will be posting our shots today. I hope some enter the contest I would love to see the different types of drones the steemit community have.

Yeah. Seems it may take time to find each other that are interested in drones.

I know its too late, but wanted to post still
I would love for a drone community to build up here

Amazing shot! I love it.

Steem Price is rising enter this sweet contest resteem this contest.
Lets see some great drones

It seems I will be trying again next week still no traction.
I would love for some to join and post their photos of their amazing drones, custom made even better!

No entries again....

I have posted a new contest hopefully some will show some amazing shots of thier drones.

Cool shots...