DTube Film | New York From The Sky | dCinema Cinematic Vlog

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Whats up DTubers!? Spencer Ryan here 👋🏼

Ever wanted to see New York from the clouds? Now’s your chance. In today’s dCinema vlog, we take a trip to Forest Park and fly the brand new DJI Mavic Air to get some awesome views of Queens, New York!

How’s the footage look for a first time film? Let me know in the comments below!

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Now thats a sight!

Unseen by many until now 😁

Wow... Great video from above with drone... Upvote

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Congrats! Your post has appeared on the hot list.

Isn’t it fun bro?! Hahaha

Bird style

I always aspire to go to New York, but something that is impossible for me. But the curiosity of New York City can be remedied by watching your video. Thanks and continue to make other interesting videos. @aiyub99

Size sure is nice for this one...
Let me know how you feel about the signal range!
Have you ever flown a mavic pro?

I see a trend of drones on DTube now eh, haha. Tempted

Aaah NY NY! I was born in Brooklyn and live across the country now. I feel nostalgia looking at views of my home <3