KC Chiefs made me crash my Drone. My Response!!

in #drone3 years ago

I crashed my DJI Phantom 4 Pro last Monday Night at the Broncos Game. Made some self repairs....lets see what happens.


Chiefs suck! I knew it! Lol 😂 How’d that get their

I take every single chance I can to punch em in the nose.

your taking style really so awesome..its nice to hear you repair your drone . .

thanks for watching! :)


Man your talking style is awesome.You are very clever,and smart too.Another good video,seems that it was so much fun.Great shoot.

I am glad that you repaired your Drone well enough @broncnutz
Hail to Broncos!

Down with the Chiefs!

hey it still works!

its time for them to repay or else broncos not gonna leave them

Bad crash i hope its working fine now

Did u see video?

Hope it works well sir be carefull.

fue divertido e inteligente amigo

Thumbs up

Very clever.

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Lol....always gotta find a way to spin it.

One of these days I'll get one. It's crazy how far drones have come. I remember being in Iraq in 2005 and our unit losing control of one of our drones and it got lost in Iran. Lol

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Waoooo great video.Great drone.You are so intelligent man.Your all videos so interesting.You are so funny man.Fun is very important in our lifes.I really enjoy your video.Thanls for sharing.

@broncnutz #Chiefs-suck
Basically, Broncos all day RIP the jets and that thick and trunky coastal kid 28-12

I think New York Jets beat Denver Broncos 24 to 21 New York Jets was member AFC East Division 1970 through 1993 and Denver Broncos was member AFC West Division 1970 through 1993 era

Best of luck both team
Game on!

Drone is working very well .

Yes @broncnutz Broncos's really need some self repairs and clean up stupid mistakes. Indeed, my hopes are Broncos win, but keenum throws 6 ints, gets benched for Swag Kelly for the rest of the season.

Best of luck #Denver.  However, don't forget to visit my recent hunt

Love lots @pranto thank you✌✌✌

Wow excellent video.I like this very much.You are great man

Oh beautiful video.It is great fun

Nice view from drone , haha good message to cheifs .

Your drone is amazing dear . Good quality camera . Plz gift it to me . Lolz

Amateur drone pilot and PROFESSIONAL drone pilot coach!!!! HAHAHA

great post
very nice vidio!

Great job @broncnutz, nicely repaired... kudos.... heart ache when pricy equipment needs repair... but that saved a bunch of greenbacks

@broncnutz, my wife is from KC so you know who I cheer for. And despite the rivalry, I am glad that I could support your Steem post today.

You did a great job with the video. Glad that you were able to repair your drone.

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