Driving a MINI Electric!

in #driving4 years ago

I’ve been so busy shooting and editing all sorts of projects lately. I’m burnt out.

It’s been an insane new weeks.


However, a highlight has been (the above) shooting on a MINI Electric project with my pal Nick and his video team.

I spent some time with a GoPro glamorously stuck to my forehead to create some interesting point-of-view segments.. these included me driving a brand new MINI Electric car!


Which is amazing, to think that not only have I never driven an electric car, nor do I even an nice car, nor do I care about cars in any capacity.. but I was the first non-mini employee to drive one!

It was a £38,000 brand new car 😳

As far as I know, the video from the GoPro will be used to recreate some moments from the day for the final training video.

I hardly used my ‘proper’ video kit but I wasn’t complaining.


I’m happy to be paid to drive.



What a neat job Ash. You get some interesting and varied projects! Hope you can re-energise at the weekend.

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I’m filming a music video on Sunday!

But yes, I do indeed get a varied bunch!

from a point of someone who does not care about cars, how was it? :)

Mate it was fucking amazing.
Super smooth, and incredibly fast.
I mean 0-60 in something like 6.5 seconds. Very powerful as you might expect but also very quiet. Automatic too which was different!

i was thinking that my next car should be automatic, i am a lazy shifter :D

Mini was always cute, but the price is a bit... :D

Yeah the price is a bit ball busting.
That car was the top tier at 38k.
The entry level is 24k (still a ballbuster)

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