The truth about motivation!

in drive •  10 months ago

9D0599BF-F70E-45B7-9E11-825726125591.jpegSo there are many motivational videos out there made to motivate you to keep going everyday to reach your full potential right? Well to tell you the truth some days they do work and make me work hard but some days I just can’t listen to them... So my theory is instead of being motivated find something what drives you, because drive is the only thing which will keep you going through the tough days where your really not feeling it. Being driven is the only thing that will keep you going... visualise everyday your goals and the life you want and feel those emotions for they wIll drive you the most towards that life... so today’s thought is find what drives you and be relentless towards whatever it is you want to achieve there’s a good saying I found which goes something like “speak it, believe it, receive it. Just gonna leave that there thank you and have a great day.

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