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Hello friend steemians !!!
On this occasion I would like to share and participate in the contest
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kukuBima Ener-G

KukuBima Ener-G! is a pioneer of powder energy drink with various flavor variants, as well as useful as a supplement stamina enhancer for men and women. KukuBima Ener-G! presents a variety of flavors including grapes, oranges, guava, mango, pineapple, coffee, original and soda milk.

KukuBima Ener-G! equipped with Vitamin B12 is beneficial to increase blood and ginseng and royal jelly is more than other types of energy drinks. And keep in mind in consuming this drink takes about 30 minutes before exercise, or activity to increase stamina, and provide a sense of fresh.

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Photo Maker : Samsung Galaxy J2
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