The Lab : A cocktail experiment 🌡💉🍹

in #drinks3 years ago

This drink arrives with smoke pouring from it and the sweet smell of Butterscotch!


I know what it says in the menu: Rum, butterscotch, pineapple, lime & cream aroma... but I'm not sure what actually arrived 😜


The red beaker has rum and I'm pretty sure there is some blue Grenadine in it. But, regardless I squirted all the ingredients into the beaker and gave it a stir.


The effect from the dried-ice was dramatic, and the butterscotch smell was divine, but how did it taste?


It was sweet! Very sweet! So sweet! And this is from someone who has a sweet tooth. 😋

Let's just say, this was an interesting drink, but 1 was enough.



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Thanks :) I think.... ;p

looks like someone is going to have a ball this weekend, drinks are on me

Hahahaha ok! Where do I send the bill?

In addition to delicious, it looks attractive and refreshing. success

It was sweet! Very sweet! But yes, it was refreshing 😜

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