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^Long drink is an alcoholic mixed drink served in the amount of 200-250 ml in Tumbler or Highball cocktail glasses. In contrast to a short drink cocktail, a long drink is a refreshing drink with a relatively low alcohol content (8-15%) made with the addition of a large amount of fruit juices, vegetables or other beverages (cola, tonic, soda water). Short drinks are generally stronger since both types tend to contain the same amount of alcohol. Long drinks are therefore generally more dilute than short drinks.

Today I present drink type of long drink with more ingredients:


-250 ml of dry white wine
-250 ml of light beer
-3 tablespoons vanilla ice cream
-100 ml of pineapple juice
-2 slices of pineapple (for decoration)
-sugar cane


How to prepare:
All ingredients mix except beer, pour mixture into the jug, then add bear, pour the drink into the long glasses, decorate

^Short drink is a type of alcoholic cocktail which is prepared are served. Short drink has a volume of up to 100 ml. Drinks of this type are stronger than long drinks because the ingredients consist of strong alcohol, and we prepare them without diluting ingredients. We add a small amount of non-alcoholic substances to the glass. A short drink is served in a cocktail glass.

"Pink dream"

-50 ml of vodka
-50 ml amaretto
-100 ml cream 30%
-40 ml of grenadine


How to prepare:
Pour the ingredients to the shaker, add ice, mix thoroughly and pour into glasses.

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